Do you go with traditional black, or risky orange?? Are you a bright or mellow color kind of person?? Whether it's the actual color of the chair or the chair cover, the color you choose for your ergonomic office chair says a lot about your personality.

It's hard enough to choose an office chair, let alone choose its color.? Find out what the color you chose says about you.


Black gives a room a strong, classic impression.? If you like black, you're someone who is drawn to elegance and tradition. You're careful with the details of your lives, and are not the type who easily shares these details with others.


White evokes the feeling of cleanliness and purity.? If you're drawn to white, you're the type of person who is organized, logical, and doesn't have a lot of clutter in your life or in your office.? You like to keep things clean and tidy.? Choosing white can also signal that you're ready for a fresh start, since white is all about having a fresh slate.


Brown is a color that appeals to people who want a stable life.? You're not looking for flashy objects, you just want a happy, relaxed life with not too many surprises.? You're also a good friend, and are someone that others can call reliable and dependable.


Red is a bold, bright tone that makes a statement in a room.? If you like red, you're someone who's confident and filled with energy.? You live life to the fullest and are persistent and determined in your endeavors.


Orange is a risky color, some people hate it and some people love it.? If you love it, you can appreciate a chair that adds warmth, fun, and energy to the room, and you can probably find those three qualities in yourself as well.


Yellow is known as the happiest color, representing optimism and energy.? If you're drawn to yellow, you like to have fun and are known as a happy person.? You find that happiness comes easily to you.? You also enjoy learning and sharing your knowledge with others.


Green adds a soothing touch to the room, and promotes harmony.? It's a color that appeals to those who have an appreciation for nature.? If green is your choice of color, you're affectionate, loyal, and frank, with a keen awareness of what others think of you.? You consider your reputation as very important.


Blue brings calm to a room.? If you love blue, you love harmony, are reliable and sensitive, and make an effort to think of others.? Like brown, blue represents someone who believes stability is an important aspect in life.


Purple can add just the right touch to an office if you choose the right hue.? Purple brings an uplifting and calming energy to a room, invoking spirituality and creativity.? If you like purple, you're artistic and unique.? You also have a strong respect for others.


Pink brings an element of whimsy into a room, and can be especially useful in softening up heavy colors like brown.? If you're drawn to pink, you're fun and playful.? You're known to be loving, kind, generous, and sensitive to others' needs.? You're also a romantic and nurturing person.


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