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Frequently Asked Questions About Steelcase Chairs

From patenting the first fireproof steel wastebasket to building some of the first modern workstations with Frank Lloyd Wright, Steelcase has revolutionized the office furniture industry since 1912. The company is known for its responsive approach to the workplace and economic demands, which is quite a feat for the world’s largest office furniture manufacturer. Beverly Hills Chairs is proud to offer the Steelcase Leap and the Steelcase Amia.

What is LiveLumbar™?

LiveLumbar is Steelcase’s patent-pending unique approach to lumbar cushions that use flexors that move with your back for sustained, active support. It’s controlled with two handles on the chair’s backrest so you can situate it just right.

What is LiveBack®?

LiveBack changes its shape to maintain the natural, healthy curve of your spine.

What is Air LiveBack™? 

Air LiveBack™ is Steelcase’s patented technology available on 3D microknit and plastic airback models. It flexes in two dimensions so that it moves and fits with your back.

What is Natural Glide™?

Natural Glide™ is Steelcase's patented seat design is a setting that lets your seat glide forward so you can recline without affecting your current sitting position. Both the Leap and the Amia have Natural Glide™.

How does lumbar support work?

Lumbar support works by promoting proper spine alignment so that you sit in a natural sitting position. That way, you’ll have better circulation and experience less pain in your joints and back.

What are the ergonomics of a good office chair? 

When you recline, the backrest should move with you to open up your hip angle, so it's more like a proper standing posture. Proper ergonomics will encourage movement so that you seamlessly change your posture throughout the day. The backrest should fit the natural curve of your spine to help you maintain proper alignment. 

What’s the advantage of a mesh back?

A mesh back provides air circulation, which keeps you from getting too hot and developing a sweaty back.

What do I use to clean these chairs?

Standard office furniture cleaner and a damp cloth will do.

Can mesh be removed for washing?

No, but you can just wipe it down with a damp cloth and some office furniture cleaning. No need to worry about the mesh absorbing odors, either! It won’t.

Do these chairs come with a headrest? 

Yes, there's an optional headrest that helps you keep your head and neck properly positioned relative to your spine and shoulders.

What sort of foam are these Steelcase chairs made out of? 

The foam in these Steelcase chairs has "adaptive bolstering,” which means that there are pockets of air under the foam to fit your body better and relieve pressure.

What are the differences between the Steelcase Leap and the Steelcase Amia?

Unlike the Amia, the Leap has an adjustable seat pan that moves forward and back to support your underside and thighs. The seat edge ends up two to three inches from the back of your knee. The Amia has LiveBack®, but the Leap has LiveLumbar™ and Air LiveBack™. The Leap has optional dial controlled lumbar support. 

Are Steelcase chairs sustainable? 

Yes, the leap is 94% recyclable by weight and made upwards of 35% recycled content, while the Amia is up to 97% recyclable and upwards of 34% recycled content. If you decide to resell, donate, or recycle your chair, contact the Steelcase Environmental Partnership to find out how.

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