Warehouse Pickup Specials

Warehouse Pickup specials and excess inventory are available for purchase at our Chatsworth warehouse. Please email support@beverlyhillschairs.com to set up an appointment at our location.
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40% off

Herman Miller Mirra Fully Loaded Office Chair

Introduced by Herman Miller as their next generation innovative ergonomic office chair after disrupt..

$250.00 $399.00

65% off

Haworth | Zody Office Chair | Clearance Sale Limited Time Only

Haworth's Zody chair is highly fashionable and just as comfortable. You'll love the look and feel of..

beverly hills chairs best seller icon

$249.00 $699.00

70% off

Knoll | Life Chair - Fully Adjustble

Knoll Life sets the standard for sophisticated design and effortless comfort. The advanced control a..

$100.00 $299.00

65% off

Steelcase Think Chair

Made for People Who Sit For a Living Think is the simplest, most streamlined embodiment of our unde..

$100.00 $249.00

45% off

Steelcase | Amia Office Chair - Fully Adjustable

The Amia chair was designed by Steelcase, in collaboration with industrial designer,Thomas Overthun ..

$399.00 $689.00

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Frequently Asked Questions About Warehouse Pickup Specials

Are the Warehouse Pickup Specials and warehouse open during the coronavirus pandemic?

Yes, the Warehouse Pickup Specials and warehouse are open. Email for more info about availability and to schedule an appointment today.

What are the Warehouse Pickup Specials and warehouse coronavirus protocols?

We follow the standard set of coronavirus protocols. All visitors must wear a mask that covers the nose and mouth. If you have symptoms, please stay home.

What sort of assembly do the chairs require?

Assembly varies from chair to chair. The Aeron comes 95% put together, for example, and only requires the attachment of the chair back using four screws. The Steelcase chairs, on the other hand, require more assembly. If you are concerned about chairs fitting into your car, we recommend bringing tools with you to disassemble the chairs. Chairs picked up from our Warehouse Pickup Specials can just be wheeled out. Chairs picked up from our warehouse are fully assembled and covered in stretch wrap.

Do you carry replacement parts for Herman Miller chairs?

We do. We have castors, backs, seats, and even a replacement gas cartridge for the Aeron. Each of these parts requires minimal effort to replace and will save you hundreds of dollars.

Plus, by replacing parts rather than replacing your chair, you will also reduce your carbon footprint. You can even buy paint to cover up scratches.

What do I use to clean these chairs?

Standard office furniture cleaner and a damp cloth will do.

Can mesh be removed for washing?

No, but you can just wipe it down with a damp cloth and some office furniture cleaning. No need to worry about the mesh absorbing odors, either. It won’t.

Can the arms be removed on any of these chairs?

No, but many of these chairs have adjustable arms, while the ErgoStar Smart Black/White Chair with Flip-Up Arms has arms that can be flipped out of the way.

Are there bulk discounts available for any of these chairs?

Yes, all of our seats come with a price match promise. When it comes to Herman Miller chairs, we provide bulk discounts on our already discounted chairs. How do we keep our prices so low? The chairs are refurbished and, after passing a 20 point inspection, re-certified. These chairs are popular sellers and find their way into everything from startups to executive offices.

Can the gas cylinders on these chairs be replaced?

Yes, if you notice the seats sinking, the cylinders are the most likely culprit. Rather than spending hundreds of dollars replacing a chair, just replace the cylinder. It takes minimal effort, tools, experience, and time. Contact the chair’s manufacturer for the right cylinder or, in the case of the Herman Miller Aeron, you can order a replacement cylinder directly from us.

What other replacement parts do you carry?

We carry replacement seat pan and mesh for the Herman Miller Aeron Chairs in three different sizes, replacement seats for the Herman Miller Mirra, and replacement armrests for the Herman Miller Aeron.

Can I use these chairs with a standing desk?

You can use these chairs with any computer desk or workstation. The advantage of a standing desk (or a standing desk riser) is that alternating between sitting and standing improves circulation, relieves pain, and improves mental clarity and focus.

And when you stand on a product like the ActiveErgo Anti-Fatigue Mat, you make standing even more comfortable by reducing pressure on your feet and joints.