Chair Accessories

Chair Accessories
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Touch-Up Paint for Herman Miller Aeron & Mirra Chairs (DrkGrey/Graphite)

The all new ActivErgo Anti-Fatigue Mat 24x36, Black, is one of the nation's highest customer rated a..

$35.00 $70.00

40% off

Herman Miller Mirra Seat Replacement - Grey

Herman Miller Mirra Seat Replacment - Fits all Mirra Chairs by Herman Miller. * We are not an offici..

$230.00 $369.00

35% off

ActiveErgo Anti-Fatigue Mat 24x36

The all new ActiveErgo Anti-Fatigue Mat 24x36, Black, is one of the nation's highest customer rated ..

$69.00 $99.00

25% off

Carpet Chair Mat - 36x48

This 36x48 Chair Mat with Lip is made for easy mobility and protection for you home or office. Works..

$65.00 $85.00

60% off

Carpet Chair Mat 45x53

This 45x53 Office Chair mat is made for mobility and protection of your carpet or hardwood floors. W..

$55.00 $122.00

10% off

Chair Mat - Hard floor 36x48

This chair mat is made for hardwood or hard floors. Dimesnsion - 36x48..

$65.00 $71.00

45% off

Deep Carpet Casters

Switch out regular casters for deep carpet casters to avoid dents in your carpet. Deep carpet caster..

$35.00 $60.00

55% off

Drafting Stool Foot Ring for Herman Miller Aeron

Discover the chrome foot ring that allows you to convert your Herman Miller Aeron into a Drafting St..

$69.00 $150.00

45% off

Hardwood Casters

Switch out regular casters for hardwood casters to avoid scratching in your hardwood floor. Hardwood..

$35.00 $60.00

55% off

Herman Miller Aeron Base

This base by Herman MIller is made to replace any broken or damaged base for any Herman Miller Aeron..

$59.00 $129.00

65% off

Herman Miller Aeron/Mirra Touch Up Paint - Shadow Grey

The touch up paint will get rid of scuffs and scratches allowing you to refurbish your Herman Miller..

$25.00 $70.00

50% off

Lumbar Support Pad for Herman Miller Aeron Chairs

The extremely versatile Aeron Chair offers lumbar support that can be adjusted to fit the contours o..

$40.00 $75.00

45% off

Polished Aluminum Base for Herman Miller Aeron

This polished aluminum base for any Herman Miller Aeron can upgrage your chair for added luxury. Pur..

$100.00 $179.00

10% off

PostureFit for Herman Miller Aeron Chairs

PostureFit is a major ergonomic revolution in seating that provides custom-fitted support where it i..

$150.00 $165.00

45% off

Premium Fitted Ergonomic Headrest

Treat yourself to the Premium Fitted Ergonomic Headrest for the ultimate mix of luxury and support. ..

$175.00 $290.00

25% off

Replacement Arm Pads

Replacement covers (Pair) for your Aeron Chair Arms, Black Armrest Cover - Easy two screws from the ..

$45.00 $58.00

65% off

Replacement Cylinders

The replacement cylinder for the Herman Miller Aeron to fix any hydraulic issue on your chair. If yo..

$99.00 $245.00

45% off

Standard Casters

Standard or Replacement casters for Herman Miller Aeron chairs that may be scratched or broken caste..

$35.00 $58.00

40% off

Standard Leather Headrest

Add a little extra support to your chair with the Standard Leather Headrest. The leather headrest wi..

$125.00 $200.00

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