Herman Miller Replacement Parts

Frequently Asked Questions About Chair Accessories

What Herman Miller replacement parts do you carry?

We have castors, backs, seats, and even a replacement gas cartridge for the Aeron. Each of these parts requires minimal effort to replace and will save you hundreds of dollars. Plus, by replacing parts rather than replacing your chair, you will also reduce your carbon footprint. You can even buy paint to cover up scratches.

Do you have replacement gas cylinders for ergonomic chairs?

Yes, if you notice the seats sinking, the cylinders are the most likely culprit. Rather than spending hundreds of dollars replacing a chair, just replace the cylinder. It takes minimal effort, tools, experience, and time. Contact the chair’s manufacturer for the right cylinder or, in the case of the Herman Miller Aeron, you can order the cylinder directly from us.

What products do you carry to protect my floors?

We sell hardwood casters and deep carpet casters. We also sell carpeted chair mats. Just make sure you don’t accidentally buy the Active Ergo Anti-Fatigue Mat. While an excellent product, the Active Ergo Anti-Fatigue Mat is designed to be stood on rather than sat on. Its purpose is to reduce pressure on your feet and joints, and you just won’t reap that reward if you’re sitting on it.

I don’t see a special chair cleaner. What do I use to clean my chairs?

Standard office furniture cleaner and a damp cloth will do.

I also don’t see special desk cleaners. What do I use to clean my desks?

Office furniture cleaner and a damp cloth will do. Make sure to choose a cleanser that’s appropriate for the material of each desk.

Can I put these wheels on a desk that doesn’t have wheels?

We do not advise putting wheels on tables that don't already have wheels. If you want desks with wheels, the Steel Desk Workstations and the Home Line Workstation desk all have them. Risers are portable in so far as they can be carried from one workstation to another.

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