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Allure | FlexBody - (High Back) Limited Edition Ergonomic Chair | Mesh

With a high back designer mesh, the Allure FlexBody makes an excellent substitute for the more expen..

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$379.00 $599.00

30% off

Beverly Hills Chairs | Westholme - Nanoflex - Fully Adjustable Office Chair | Gray

Features & Benefits:            &nb..

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$599.00 $799.00

30% off

Modern Comfort | Quantum Work Pro Fully Adjustable Rear Tilt Lock, Infinite Recline, Adjustable Seat Depth with Mesh Back and Seating Chair

When it comes to finding a mesh office chair with a high back, personal comfort is paramount. With t..

$659.00 $899.00

45% off

Herman Miller | Aeron - Fully Adjustable Chair | Graphite (Refurbished)

Are you looking for an ergonomic office chair that is unmatched in style and comfort?  Try the..

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refurbished $699.00 new price $1,245.00

50% off

Herman Miller | Aeron - Fully Adjustable Chair | with Rollerblade Casters & Ergonomic Foot Rest (Refurbished)

Are you looking for an ergonomic office chair that is unmatched in style and comfort? Try the H..

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refurbished $829.00 new price $1,599.00

50% off

Modern Comfort | Ultra Plush Leather Executive Chair

We are pleased to introduce you to the Ultra Plush Leather Executive chair, a leather ergonomic offi..

$489.00 $899.00

60% off

Beverly Hills Chairs | The Vertex Fully Adjustable Office Chair | Ergonomic

The vertexThe Vertex Series is a brilliant combination of design and function at an affordable price..

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$349.00 $799.00

25% off

Modern Comfort | ReFlex Mesh Chair - Loaded | Black

The ReFlex Mesh Chair Fully Loaded features a transparent mesh back and seat that is fully loaded wi..

$379.00 $499.00

65% off

Haworth | Zody Office Chair | Clearance Sale Limited Time Only

Haworth's Zody chair is highly fashionable and just as comfortable. You'll love the look and feel of..

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$249.00 $699.00

35% off

Herman Miller | Standard Aeron with Lumbar Pad - Fixed Arms Chair | Dark Grey | Size B (Refurbished)

Are you looking for an ergonomic office chair that is unmatched in style and comfort? Try the H..

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refurbished $699.00 new price $999.00

40% off

Allure | FlexBody High Back - Leather Edition Chair

The Allure FlexBody with Leather with a high back designer mesh is one of the leading alternatives t..

$399.00 $650.00

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ergonomic office chairs are designed with your comfort in mind. After all, you’re already working hard enough at work; no reason to work to work! With these chairs help, you’ll be able to maximize your efficiency by creating the ideal environment to get your job done. With one less thing to worry about, you’ll be able to dedicate more of your attention to your vocation!

How does lumbar support work?

Lumbar support works by promoting proper spine alignment so that you sit in a natural sitting position. That way you’ll have better circulation and experience less pain in your joints and back.

What’s the advantage of a mesh back?

A mesh back provides air circulation, which keeps you from getting too hot and from developing a sweaty back?

Can the mesh be removed for washing?

No, but you can just wipe it down with a damp cloth and some office furniture cleaning. No need to worry about the mesh absorbing odors, either! It won’t.

Can the arms be removed on any of these chairs?

No, but many of these chairs have adjustable arms, while the ErgoStar Smart Black/White Chair with Flip Up Arms has arms that can be flipped out of the way.

What are waterfall seats?

Waterfall seats are seats with edges that slope slightly downward, like a waterfall. They provide added comfort thanks to more equal weight distribution. They also take pressure off the backs of the thighs and knees, which improves circulation. The downward slope also further promotes improved posture.

Are there bulk discounts available for any of these seats?

Yes, all of our seats come with a price match promise. When it comes to Herman Miller chairs, we provide bulk discounts on our already discounted chairs. How do we keep our prices so low? The chairs are refurbished, and, after passing a 20 point inspection, re-certified. These chairs are popular sellers and find their way into everything from startups to executive offices!

Can I use these chairs with a standing desk?

You can use these chairs with any desk! The advantage of a standing desk (or a standing desk riser) is that alternating between sitting and standing improves circulation, relieves pain, and improves mental clarity and focus. And when you stand on a product like the The ActiveErgo Anti-Fatigue Mat you make standing even easier by reducing pressure on your feet and joints.

Can the gas cylinders on these chairs be replaced?

Yes, if you notice the seats sinking the cylinders are the most likely culprit. Rather than spending hundreds of dollars replacing a chair, just replace the cylinder! It takes minimal effort, tools, experience, and time! Contact the chair’s manufacturer for the right cylinder or, in the case of the Herman Miller Aeron, you can order the cylinder directly from us!

What other replacement parts do you carry?

We carry replacement seat pan and mesh for the Herman Miller Aeron Chairs in three different sizes, replacement seats for the Herman Miller Mirra, and replacement arm rests for the Herman miller Aeron.

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