Office Furniture Trends: Keeping Up With The Joneses On A Budget

Different Types Of Offices

As you know, there are many different types of offices. Entrepreneur published an article titled, 15 Modern Office Furniture and Layout Trends (Infographic)

The office spaces that are included in the article are are nice, but can you imagine how costly it would be to equip your office? Ergonomic chairs, sit-to-stand desks, etc. It would cost you a fortune to set up your office space with the best furniture. But it's worth it right? What if there was a way to furnish your office with the best furniture at nearly half the price?

You'll hear about that later. For right now, let's discuss?a few difference types of office spaces and their costs. Whether you own a major corporation, a small startup, or simply work from home, comfortability in the workplace is crucial.

Open Floor Plan Office Furniture

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Many companies nowadays have changed things up a bit. A very popular seating arrangement is the open floor plan. This setup can be very intimate. Everyone's desks are out in the open, which means collaboration and ultimate workplace productivity is increased. The open floor plan setup also creates a positive work environment where everyone knows each other.

A downside to the open floor plan setup is the possibility of work related injuries. The open floor plan invites everyone to look similar. Despite claiming the desire to standout, few people do. If the CEO or boss uses a specific chair, his/her employees will use a similar chair. Office chairs are not one size fits all. Appealing to the boss in this manner can result in back pain or neck pain, which leads to other ailments.

Since the one-size-fits-all model doesn't apply to office furniture, it's crucial to speak up. An open floor plan means a lot of employees. Accommodating each employee's needs will be costly, especially if you buy all new furniture. Everyone knows that the Herman Miller Aeron chair is the best out there. But, who can afford upwards of 100 of those? Honestly, anyone with a company can afford the Herman Miller Aeron office chair.

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Don't buy the best office chair brand new. You'll pay way more than you want. Visit Beverly Hills Chairs and you'll find the same chair at nearly half the price. You'll get the same top of the line chair, at a fraction of the cost. It just makes sense.

Standing Desks Office Furniture

Best workplace practices suggest that an active workplace, is the best workplace. So what does that mean? Should every company have a gym where employees can exercise between working? Not necessarily. There are many ways, however, to promote health and wellness in the work place, which will ultimately increase productivity.

The standing desks are perfect. In order to attract millennials to their companies, CEOs are exploring many different types of office setups. The standing desk office allows people to stand while they work, which increases blood circulation, reduces back pain, and keeps you energized. With all of these benefits, why don't all companies switch, or at least incorporate, standing desks?

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Sit-stand desks are ridiculously expensive. Some of the cheapest sit-stand desks can run you about $900. That's crazy. Sure, everyone wants brand new furniture, but $900 per employee is insane. If you don't mind working on refurbished furniture, then you can find the best selling Activergo Sit To Stand desk at Beverly Hills Chairs for only $400. That's over half the cost of a brand new sit-stand desk.

With the money you save from buying the Activergo Sit To Stand desk from Beverly Hills Chairs, you can buy the Activergo Anti-Fatigue Mat at just $70. You could even hire more staff with the money you'd save on office furniture.

Home Office Furniture

Who doesn't love working from home? Whether you're the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, founder of a small startup, or a well paid writer, working from home is great. Working in the privacy and comfort of home greatly improves work productivity. Creative juices flow better and frequent breaks are easy to take. But just like comfort in the work office is important, so is comfort in the home office.

Herman Miller Aeron Fully Loaded Chair with Headrest

There may be a desktop, laptop, tablet, and cell phone that you work on from home. If this is the case, then the proper office furniture is a must. If you like to work from your phone or tablet, the best chair is the Herman Miller Areon fully loaded chair with headrest from Beverly Hills Chairs. The arms of the chair are adjustable, which means that you can pull them in closer together while working on your phone. You can rest your elbows on the armrests, while holding the phone up to your face, which prevents neck pain caused by?looking downward. The headrest is great for quick naps too.

Allure Flexbody (High Back) Limited and Leather Edition Chair

Beverly Hills Chairs also sells refurbished ergonomic office chairs. Chairs like the Allure Flexbody (High Back) Limited Edition chair supports the back and the neck, and is a great addition to your home office. Beverly Hills Chairs also sells the Allure Flexbody with a leather seat, which means style is option as well.

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Working on a laptop causes issues as well. Comfort is the priority, but many people seem to forget that. Sitting on the couch or the bed with your laptop enables you to slouch more often. Prevent this urge by working on a laptop while sitting on the Ballo. The Ballo is a great stool that is low to the floor, which allows laptop users to rest their computer on their knees. It's the perfect buy at only $300 through Beverly Hills Chairs, and a variety of colors to choose from.

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The Smart Choice

Beverly Hills Chairs offers a wide array of office furniture. There is a discounted piece of furniture at Beverly Hills Chairs that fits perfectly for each office type. With the amount of money you'd save on top brands, why wouldn't you buy from Beverly Hills Chairs?


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