Comfortable Office Chairs and Office Furniture Matter To Your Work

People spend a ton of time sitting in chairs during their days. If you’re spending 40 hours a week in an uncomfortable chair, you may not realize how it can stifle your work productivity. This piece of furniture is a fixture in most homes and offices and it’s important to invest in the best type of ergonomic office chair that is beneficial for both your work and your health. 

For many working professionals, whether you’re a software engineer or a piano teacher, a comfortable chair is essential to better work productivity. The industry standard is the Aeron Chair by Herman Miller, which is a desk chair unlike any other. 

It is one of the most ergonomic and comfortable chairs that can truly support you in both active and sedentary work postures. 

Engineered to be strong yet light, simple yet highly comfortable, it gives you incredible flexibility in an active or "transitional" workspace.

Here are some examples of working professionals who could use an office chair upgrade.

Professional Pianists: Piano Benches, and Back Pain

While the piano has made major improvements, the piano bench drastically falls behind. In fact, piano manufacturers did not even even bother to make the benches themselves: manufacturers would produce the piano and send information to companies for a matching bench. 

Technically, piano benches come in all shapes and sizes with a multiple of finishes and colors but have you really seen a lot of different styles?

The traditional bench seat is definitely the most popular: a rectangular stool with the option of music storage and height adjustment. There are simple, hard wooden benches but also leather, cushioned ones. 

For a pianist, however, exterior design could be of less importance. The most important assets of a good piano bench are stability and comfort. Young pianists practice anywhere from an hour to 5 hours every day. Professional pianists spend their entire lives in front of a piano, whether it be teaching, composing, practicing, rehearsing, or performing. 

For amateurs and professionals, alike, good piano playing is only possible if they're comfortably seated. 

That's why before anyone plays, you'll see him or her adjusting the piano bench. The bench must be at the right height and distance for the player. For longer and more advanced pieces heavily dependent on pedal use, the comfort of the bench could make a huge difference in playing. 

  • Can you imagine sitting too high up so that your arm has to concave inwards? 
  • Too low so that your wrist bends? 
  • Sitting too far your leg hurts from extending too much? 
  • Too close your legs don't have any room?

At least with experience and a few uncomfortable performances, you'll learn to take more time adjusting your piano bench. It's difficult though, especially when you're on stage, and once you're done playing, man, does your back hurt.

Pianists Need Ergonomic Chairs Too

Companies all over the world are investing a lot of money in Herman Miller chairs for their unparalleled comfort and quality. 

Professionals have found that chairs are inextricably linked to health and productivity, so they are willing to pay the price. Pianists spend just as much time sitting, so why are the chairs they're sitting on not ergonomic?

Certain brands carry special piano chairs with backs but these chairs are definitely not as comfortable as Herman Miller's Aeron Chairs. Pianists are professionals who can definitely use an upgrade to an ergonomic chair.

Prolonged Sitting Gives Tattoo Artists Back Pain

If you have a tattoo, you probably haven't thought about the fact that your artist spends hours hunched over your body holding a 20 lb. vibrating brick steady to give you the ideal artwork. The truth is, tattoo artists have an unexpected disadvantage from their work: severe back pain. 

While you sit or lie comfortably on a bed, they're putting their bodies through extreme stress. This isn't to say that you should feel guilty when getting a tattoo, but maybe tip your artist a little better to show your gratitude for their dedication.

A recent study from researchers at Ohio State University reveals that artists overexert their muscles. The constant strain goes well past the recommended point to avoid long term injuries. This comes as no surprise considering that many artists use hard stools and hunch over for hours at a time. Their health risks equal those of dentists and dental hygienists. 

However, unlike the dental industry, which has standard ergonomic guidelines for the workplace, the tattooing industry is one of the least regulated. Despite the fact that 1 in 3 Americans have a tattoo, the industry itself is very unregulated. 

This lack of regulation stems from the fact that most shops are small businesses, not large companies.

What exactly about tattooing hurts the artist? 

The posture, lack of armrest and headrest, bad ergonomics, and static position all strain the joints and muscles. This strain for extended periods of time leads to chronic pain and health issues such as cervical spondylosis.

Tattoo Artists Can Suffer From Poor Posture

Tattoo artists regularly experience pain along their fingers, hands, wrists, forearms, elbows, shoulders, neck, spine and lower back. Essentially, their entire upper body is in constant strain. This strain results from the physical act of sitting and tattooing. 

While working, an artist typically bends over the customer, extends their arms, and makes small, repetitive motions for hours at a time. Some might say this just comes from doing the job, but many professionals have tips and tricks to help with this strain.

Working Solutions For Tattoo Artists

Renowned tattoo artist, Guy Aitchison, has a solution to prevent a lot of this strain from occurring. He recommends sitting "like a beanpole" with a strong, centered gravity. A good center of gravity comes from the head being centered over the hips.

Furthermore, Guy suggests good equipment which won't require as much bending. For taller artists, the client should be in a higher chair while the artist's chair is low to the ground. He also stresses the importance of a good ergonomic setup.

One great product is renowned ergonomic chair, the Herman Miller Aeron. This chair not only sinks pretty low, as Guy recommended, it also provides the best lumbar support. This, in turn, encourages correct posture while sitting. 

The only downside: the price. 

A brand new Herman Miller Aeron Fully Loaded will set you back $1,068. Fortunately, Beverly Hills Chairs offers refurbished Herman Miller chairs for a reduced price. You can get a great chair without breaking the bank!

Alternatively, one great product to generally increase movement around the shop is a Sit to Stand Desk. These desks will allow artists to draw standing up or sitting and encourage more movement around a space. If you're already standing, you are much more likely to go grab something instead of putting it off.

Start Up Entreprenuers Need New Office Furniture

Nearly a third of all small business owners suffer from back pain - especially those who are young and are in the process of building their business. The recent increase in back pain has led to the need for computer chairs for back support among start up entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs, old and new, are always looking for ways to maximize their productivity. For those entrepreneurs out there, you know that building a company requires long hours at the office - maybe even many all-nighters. 

Sitting is easy, but office working requires long hours sitting in a modern office chairs in front of the computer. It’s essential to pay attention to your posture and find a good ergonomic chair, which can decrease back pain and other health problems.

 Beverly Hills Chairs has just what you're looking for. From the Herman Miller Aeron Chairs to the Herman Miller Mirra Chairs, there's a chair for everybody.

Even if you already have a high end, top of the line Herman Miller chair, then maybe you're looking for the Sit Stand Desk. The Sit Stand Desk is the leading desk in promoting a healthy lifestyle. Some of the most productive people lead a healthy lifestyle. The Sit Stand Desk allows you to stay active, which in turns increases your productivity.

There is no one size fits all office space or furniture. Get all the furniture that is essential to your office, while saving a ton of money. Visit Beverly Hills Chairs today and maximize your comfort, style, and productivity without breaking the bank.

Upgrade Your Office Chair To Prevent Back Pain

A well-designed chair is very important. You certainly don't want to keep shifting around while you're sitting, distracted by trying to find a good position to relax. If you're at work, a smart ergonomic chair can help you focus and increase your productivity. Relieve the tension of the working day and enhance your home or office!

Even if you're not at work, the odds are that you're still going to recline in a computer chair or gaming chair chair while playing a game, or using your computer. 

That seat ought to be a comfortable one. Avoid the back pain or shoulder pain that comes from sitting all the time in a non padded seat. Make sure you have an ergonomic chair and promote your own wellness. 

You can derive so much more enjoyment from everything you do, if you're doing it in a comfortable office chair.

Check out Beverly Hills Chairs to find a cheap and refurbished home office chair that is super comfortable to suit all your needs. You can find all kinds of office desk chairs from a leather office chair with adjustable lumbar support to a swivel chair or steelcase leap chair or mesh chair. 

Look to Beverly Hills Chairs to shop the best selling office chairs for your profession.


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