We have all been there at one point, maybe even every day. As the day progresses, you may feel as if your body is severely lacking in energy. You have the urge to energize yourself with another cup of espresso or an energy drink. Caffeine is a staple for many Americans today as it is a quick fix to drowsiness. Ingesting caffeine in any way will give you a rush of alertness, which in turn will make you feel better overall.

A warning though, caffeine consumption of highly abnormal amounts is unhealthy for the body. Caffeine is just a temporary fix. Some of the side-effects of caffeine include possible heartburn, increased heart rate, and twitchiness amongst many others. Caffeine works like a drug; your body will get addicted, and you will unknowingly increase the dosage just to get to the state in which you feel like you can function properly.

People spend most of their days sitting down, since most work is done at the desk and in front of a computer. You can personally see a correlation between exhaustion and the hours you are at your desk and unmoving. The lack of movement will do that to your body. When you are working at your desk job, or just at any desk in general, there is a possibility of you dozing off and taking an unscheduled catnap. This tired feeling can adversely affect your work flow, decrease your productivity and motivation, and that grumpy side of yours may even show it's not so pretty face.

Here are some small things you can do to keep that fatigued mind of yours awake:

Sit up! If you find yourself slouching at your desk you will develop the urge to place your head on the flat surface. Sitting with your back straight and shoulders untensed will show some immediate changes in your alertness. Or, if it's your chair that's the problem, get a new chair that allows better support of your lower back. If your lower back is supported, the air-flow in your body is consistent and you will feel less tired. Beverly Hills Chairs always has great deals on Aeron chairs that specify in the lumbar region.

Take a scenic walk around the office. If sitting up is not enough, maybe taking a quick walk might be right up your alley. A change to your environment is always great as it will expose and stimulate your mind to all the activities occurring and the people present around you. You can take this opportunity to chat with your fellow co-workers.

Become a stair master. Rather than using elevators, take the stairs whenever the opportunity arises. Stairs are a blessing when you want to keep the laziness off your mind. You will personally feel a great sense of accomplishment and motivation. The feeling will be so immense that you will not want to break that streak, and continue your day productively.

Give stretching a try. You know that need to stretch when you wake up in the morning? The same thing goes for when you're sitting at a desk all day long. The tendency to stretch is due to the fact that the body builds up stress and tension because it does not often get the chance to move during our hours of slumber or immobility. Stretching will loosen that stress and reinvigorate your body and mind for the new day. If you catch yourself falling asleep at the desk, simple stretches will wake you right up. Here are a few to help you start:

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