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Top Five Space Saving Desks

Top Five Space Saving Desks

Renting office space is expensive. Finding an office that fits your physical needs and budget can be hard. Sometimes you have to get creative to make a space work for you. Old, heavy, boxy desks are not going to be helpful in designing an office with limited space. 

Perhaps you find yourself working remotely for the first time ever and you need to create a home office in your already too small living space. A traditional desk is a nightmare to get into any room located on a second floor and chances are you’ll have trouble finding space for a home office. 

Luckily Beverly Hills Chairs is here to help! We have a large selection of desks to fit your individual office needs. Here are what we think are the top five space saving desks.

  1. Computer Desk with Pull Out Keyboard Tray

Who said you have to trade convenience for style? 

This beautiful designed desk is topped with tempered glass with cherry finished legs. This desk features a pull out keyboard tray that can easily be put away to allow for more room in tight spaces, which is perfect for when you need to have an intimate one on one meeting in a tight office space. 

Not only is this desk physically compact, but its minimalist design will help to open up small spaces, making your office feel larger than it actually is. 

It’s a win, win!

  1. White Computer Desk

This White Computer desk is simple, yet stylish. Its minimalist design makes the room feel more spacious and its compact design saves space. 

It’s sleek, white desktop has a laminate finish and features a rim so that papers and other small items will not fall off your desk, despite the limited amount of space. 

This desk is also extremely affordable, making it an excellent desk for if you are trying to save space in the office or even in your own home!

  1. Mobile Steel Workstation

The Mobile Steel Workstation is a sleek metal desk with a straightforward design. This desk features a set of castors that will allow you to easily move the desk around your office space. 

If you have limited space, you may want to consider a mobile workstation. Instead of purchasing a conference table for a designated conference room, utilize open design and purchase mobile workstations. This will allow small or large groups to reconfigure their desks into a large table for meetings as needed. 

This is an excellent way to make the most of your space.

  1. Electronic Height Adjustable Desk with Memory Pad

This desk is not only space saving, it’s a healthy alternative to a standard desk! Similarly to the Mobile Steel workstation, this desk has a minimalist design and is space saving. 

This desk also transforms to a standing desk with the push of a button. Unlike traditional standing desks, this one adjusts electronically so you don’t have to struggle with it. It also features a memory pad that will remember two height settings so you can easily switch back and forth between your preferred sitting and standing heights. 

Standing at work has been proven to be beneficial to both your physical and mental health. Standing can assist with blood circulation and improve your focus. So if your office isn’t big enough to pace in, at least you’ll get some much needed activity by standing! 

This desk also features four power outlets and two USB ports for easy charging for all of your devices!

  1. Modern Wood Grain Desk

Not quite ready to change to a completely minimalist desk? 

Try the Modern Wood Grain Desk

It boasts some of the popular storage elements of a traditional desk while still being compact. The Modern Wood Grain Desk features two drawers and a convenient shelf for storage. It is open on one side, allowing for free range of motion. It’s modern, light ash coloring fits in with any decor. 

We also sell the Modern Wood Grain Desk in Dark Ash if you’re looking for a classic, dark wood look for your office.

The Bottom Line on Space Saving Desks

More offices nowadays are trading in old fashioned wood and metal desks for desks with modern, space saving designs. While these are our top five space saving desks, we have plenty of more options to choose from. 

Check out our complete selection of office desks on our website. While you're there, check out our selection of ergonomic, humanscale, and Herman Miller office chairs to compliment your new desk!


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