The Most Important Piece of Furniture in Your Office

Although often overlooked, your productivity and efficiency at work depend on your chair, the most important piece of office furniture. Many people are more focused on all the secondary parts of the office, such as a water cooler, a spacious desk, or multiple whiteboards, instead of being concentrated on the quality of their office chairs. Any ergonomist would assure you that the absolute most important part of an office is the chair, because it directly affects how you work.

The chair is the most critical piece of furniture because of the sheer amount of time that an employee spends sitting in it. Throughout the workday, you may spend up to nine hours in your chair. If you sit in a poor position all day, you risk a repetitive stress motion injury. Many workers suffer from these chair-related injuries, which can all be avoided with a simple change. You need to make sure that you have ergonomic seating that will provide the back support that you need. Not only do you need to have the right chair, however, but how you use the chair is key, too. Make sure to adjust the chair so that it fits you perfectly. The height and depth can be altered to help you be upright and comfortable. Also, how you position your chair with relation to your computer, keyboard, and desk can make a huge difference in your productivity.

When you are thinking about rearranging or redecorating your office, try not to fixate on the lesser features of the office. While it can be more fun to pick out an espresso machine or art for the wall, your efforts are better used towards finding the perfect chair. Swapping a poorly designed chair for a great, ergonomic one is a simple step that can greatly improve your office life.


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