Too often, perfectly pristine office chairs start to lose their pizazz seemingly out of nowhere. One day you're reclining up a storm, admiring the flawless flexibility of such a perfect seating contraption, then another day you start noticing that the wheels and arm rests just don't move around as gracefully as before; then when you think your chair can't betray you anymore, it starts to lose pieces and slowly deteriorates into a hectic mess. Okay, that might have been somewhat of an exaggeration, but you can't deny that your chair isn't as pretty as before. Well, Beverly Hills Chairs has a solution for you. Instead of having to buy a brand new chair that could cost literally thousands of bucks, simply bring your Herman Miller Aeron or Mirra chair in to us, and we will hook you up with all the parts and repairs you need to make your chair worthy of being loved again. Think about it this way ? if out of nowhere, your relationship with your long-time significant just isn't as sweet as it used to be, do you throw away all those years of memories for a new lover, or do you try to fix up the rough patches and let your love flourish on for eternity? I thought so. Simply let us know what you need to get fixed or replaced, whether it be wheels, arm rests, bases, backs, you name it! We guarantee we've got what you need, and we guarantee even more that you'll be satisfied. Our team here, colloquially known as the "Pablo Picassos of Chairs," would be more than glad to help you out. Love your chair again, and come on by!