Back Pain and Ergonomics

Are you in a profession that requires you to sit 8 hours a day? Do you spend most of the time at a desk in front of a computer? During these long hour workdays, do you find yourself restless, tired, uncomfortable, or even in pain at times? Back pain is one of the most common work-related injuries that is often caused by ordinary work activities such as sitting in an office or heavy lifting. These normal activities, including slouching in an office chair, repetitive motions, and prolonged activity, result in pain affecting not only your health, but also your productivity.

What most people don't realize is that the environment you are working in makes all the difference in the world. If you are experiencing back pain, did you ever think that perhaps the problem is your office chair? Research shows that office furniture affects not only workplace comfort and health, but also productivity. Ergonomics helps increase both because it helps minimize the risk of repetitive injury and the risks associated with prolonged sitting in an office chair, including neck strain, lower back pain, and leg pain.

Beverly Hills Chairs' priority is to provide our customers with high quality office furniture that will enhance the workplace environment. Whether you want a luxurious ergonomic chair with every possible adjustment or a simple task chair, Beverly Hills Chairs offers affordable prices for the best quality. You will not find a better office chair than the Herman Miller Aerons, and BHC offers them at an incredible discounted price. Office furniture is both a tool of productivity and a provider of workplace comfort and health, and we understand that ergonomics blends both functions, which is why we provide our customers with ergonomic chairs and desks that are comfortable, durable, and even visually appealing, enhancing the workplace environment in every possible way.


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