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Lumbar Support Pad for Herman Miller Aeron Chairs

The extremely versatile Aeron Chair offers lumbar support that can be adjusted to fit the contours of your body. The pad can be set vertically through a 4 1/2-inch height range and its depth can be set at 3/4 to 1 1/4 inches.

* We are not an official Herman Miller dealer.

*All Herman Miller parts sold through Beverly Hills Chairs have been professionally refurbished.

Nina 08/06/2017

My lower back has bothered me from as far back as college. Probably too many ab and too few back workouts. Typical. So I bought a Herman Miller Aeron Chair, and since have seen incredible improvement in workplace comfort.

Recently, I saw that Beverly Hills Chairs offered the Lumbar Support Pad to complement their Herman Miller Aeron Chairs. So I thought – why the hell not? I’ve had it for a week, and after adjusting it to the structure of my body, I’m feeling like I’m in highschool again. Boo-ya!

*Is it weird that I feel inclined to hit the gym, and perform the same detrimental ab workouts that gave me the back pain in the first place? Sigh…

Stephanie 19/01/2017

The sales team was very helpful on the phone and helped me understand that the lumbar pad has a thicker side and a thinner side which can be chosen by sliding the pad off the chair and then sliding it back on with the thicker side or thinner side to be the support to my aching back.

Andy 19/01/2017

This was the only place I found that sells the Lumbar pad separately for the size C which is the larger Aeron.

Marc 19/01/2017

Great for my lower back. Def must buy!

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Lumbar Support Pad for Herman Miller Aeron Chairs

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