How to Amp Up Your Zoom Set-Up

The platform Zoom has become a normal occurrence to most of the world by now. The increased need for virtual meetings have led to Zoom being the most used platform to meet virtually with people. If it weren’t for COVID-19, Zoom would likely be known to only a select few people who were working from home.

Many people believed Zoom might be a temporary band-aid while people were forced to work from home during the pandemic, but with many businesses staying remote or employing a hybrid work method, it seems that Zoom is here to stay.

Are you still struggling with looking your best on Zoom? Is your sound still subpar? We’re here to help you look, sound, and feel good on your next important Zoom call.

  1. Have a Well-lit Backdrop and No Background Distractions

Like any normal video call, it’s natural to want to be in a well-lit area in order to clearly view the other person. It’s the same for Zoom; being in a well-lit area automatically looks more professional and actually conveys effort.

Finding good lighting is not difficult. All you really need is to be facing a window or a bright light. Using lamps to even out the lighting on your face will take your Zoom call to the next level.

When on a Zoom call, it’s easy to get distracted and start to look at your neighbor's surroundings. This is why it’s best to be in a room with minimal items in the background so that people will focus on what you’re saying, not where you are.

  1. Fix your Zoom settings: Mirror video, Smooth, light

A step that very few people know about is the ability to change your appearance through Zoom settings. We live in the generation that places a huge importance on appearance so there are bound to be features on Zoom to make our appearance better. If you go on Zoom preferences and choose Video, there are three options you can use. 

The first is the “mirror video” option which should be checked off already. This requires your camera to be presented in the same angle that you see yourself to the other viewers. 

The second option is “touch up my appearance” which makes your face smoother and overall serves as a touch-up effect you would normally get through an app. You can adjust the level of touchup to make sure you still look natural, while giving your lighting and face and extra smoothing boost.

The third option is “adjust for low light” which allows your reflection to adjust whenever you are in a dim room and brighten up your appearance, ensuring that your Zoom call will look professional no matter where you are!.

  1. The Perfect Furniture

The most important step out of this process. Obtaining the perfect chair and desk is vital for your Zoom success. Beverly Hills Chairs offers a wide variety in both desk and chairs that are perfect for Zoom calls. 

Although nearly all desks that Beverly Hills Chairs offers are suitable for Zoom meeting, the Electronic Height Adjustable Desk with Memory Pad seems like the best option since it allows you to adjust the desk for whatever height you would like. A need for Zoom meetings since you want the best angle as possible. With it’s easy access to transforming into the traditional desk to a standing desk is almost life-changing in this era. 

For chairs, you can never go wrong with a Herman Miller Chair especially with the Herman Miller Aeron Chair! A chair so innovative that it completely aligns with Zoom’s platform. This chair offers the option to fully adjustable and posture support.  

  1. Check sound 

Sound has been the most common issue among Zoom calls. There’s often a misconnection with Wifi and that causes for the viewers to not hear the best sound. In order for this issue to not occur, there is the suggestion of obtaining headphones. Zoom preferences have the option to “suppress background noise” to better sustain your audio. 

These four ways are sure to transform your Zoom workplace for the best way possible! Check out our store for more products to assist you while you’re working from home.




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