Herman Miller Aeron Chair Fully Adjustable with Posture Fit Back Support

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Designed by Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf, the Herman Miller Aeron chair has distinguished itself as the most popular office chair of all time, significantly outpacing all other office furniture. The choice of Fortune 500 companies, technology startups and Hollywood movie sets, the Aeron is the rare office chair that not only provides supreme ergonomic comfort and support, but serves as an internationally recognized symbol of luxury and wealth. The Herman Miller Aeron Chair Fully Adjustable with Posture Fit Back Support comes in the classic and most popular color; in all three sizes: A, B and C; and with the features that will your make your seating experience all the more flexible, enjoyable and ergonomically sound: fully adjustable arms, tilt lock and lumbar support. In contrast with the traditional Fully Adjustable Herman Miller Aeron Chair, however, the Herman Miller Aeron Chair Fully Adjustable with Posture Fit Back Support comes with an upgraded lumbar back support: the Aeron PostureFit Support. The Adjustable PostureFit is the ultimate form of back support on a Herman Miller Aeron Chair: it provides the more support, stability, comfort for your back and is most beneficial ergonomically.

Veronica M. 02/12/2018

I was fed up with ordering office chairs online only to receive them and end up disappointed. Either the armrests were flimsy or the seat was too long. I found out from a friend that I could actually go down to Beverly Hills Chairs and try out their inventory. Needless to say, I was able to find a chair, this Herman Miller Aeron, that fit my height perfectly and the armrests were not only adjustable but sturdy.

Seth T. 02/12/2018

I wanted a chair that was comfortable enough to work all day in, as well as watch Netflix and fall asleep in. I found this Herman Miller Aeron and I don't regret it. This is the most comfortable chair I've ever owned.

Tim L. 02/12/2018

I just got a promotion, which means that I got the best office in the building. The office chair that came with the office was nice. It was black leather. After sitting in it, I realized that it was more aesthetically pleasing than it was comfortable. I decided to ask for a new chair and they gave me a list of office chairs from Beverly Hills Chairs. I saw affordable their chairs were, so I went all out. I ordered this Herman Miller Aeron chair with the Posture Fit back, the headrest, and the tilt lock. This is the best office chair I've ever had.

Douglass Y. 02/12/2018

I used to have severe neck pain. It occurred to me that my office chair wasn't giving me the support that I needed. I decided to look for more ergonomic chairs. When I saw that these Herman Miller Chairs run well over $1000.00, I decided to use my same old chair and do some neck exercises. My neck pain didn't improve.

I decided to try out the Herman Miller Aeron chair from Beverly Hills Chairs. I also decided to add the premium fitted ergonomic headrest. I didn't think an office chair would make such a huge difference with my neck pain but it did. And these prices are unbelievable.

Linda D. 02/12/2018

You definitely get what you pay for when you purchase a Herman Miller Aeron office chair. What a great investment! I’m telling everyone about my new chair and about Beverly Hills Chairs!

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