Drafting Stool Kits

Replacement Cylinders

The replacement cylinder for the Herman Miller Aeron to fix any hydraulic issue on your chair. If yo..

$99.00 $245.00


WorkPro Ergo Fully Adjustable Stool

Designed to minimize stress on your back and legs during extended sessions at your desk, the WorkPro..

$489.00 $759.00


Herman Miller Aeron Chair Fully Adjustable Graphite Drafting Stool by Beverly Hills Chairs with 27"-34" Height

A highly popular variation of the fully loaded Herman Miller Aeron chair - the iconic and bestsellin..

$849.00 $1,899.00

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Drafting Stool Kits

These adjustable chairs are sure to be a hit at any office. The range of control over height, tilt, and swivel, when coupled with ergonomic design, provide for unmatched comfort and versatility. It's no wonder that these items are so highly rated and such great sellers; they leave everybody pleased by pleasing everybody!

How does the lumbar support work?

Lumbar support places you in a natural sitting position while properly aligning your spine, this encourages good circulation and takes pain off your backs and joints.

Do these chairs have waterfall seats?

Yes! Deriving their names from the ways in which the edges are curved like a waterfall, these seats encourage good posture while also taking pressure off the backs of your knees and the backs of your thighs. Waterfall seats also distribute weight equally, which makes them more comfortable and encourages good posture as well.

What’s with the mesh?

The mesh provides for air circulation so that you don’t overheat and don’t end up covered in sweat. You don’t have to worry about the mesh absorbing sweat or odor. If you want to clean the mesh, and the chair in general, a damp cloth and office furniture cleaner will suffice!

Can I assemble these chairs without the lumbar support or arms?

No, these elements are integrated into the design. However, both of these models have adjustable arms and the Herman Miller Aeron Chair Fully Adjustable Graphite Drafting Stool has adjustable lumbar support as well.

Will these chairs damage my floor?

No, they won’t leave a mark on hardwood, laminate, pic carpeting, or anything else.

Will these chairs work with any desk?

Any standard office desk, yes! Consider combining this chair with the ActiveErgo Sit to Stand Desk. Alternating between sitting and standing is shown to improve circulation, relieve back and joint pain, and improve mental clarity and focus. Add the ActiveErgo Anti-Fatigue Mat and you’ll further reduce bodily stress and make it easier to alternate between sitting and standing.

Is it hard to install the replacement cylinder?

No, replacing the cylinder takes no more than 15 minutes, few tools, and minimal effort. There are both illustrated and video tutorials online. It’s worth the effort because it saves you hundreds of dollars and ensures that you don’t end up missing out on your great chair for any reason. While waiting for your cylinder to arrive, you can use some duct tape or PVC piping to keep your chairs in, at least, a stable and suitable height.

How adjustable are these chairs?

The WorkPro Ergo Fully Adjustable Stool lets you control height, arm rest, and the foot ring. The Herman Miller Aeron Chair Fully Adjustable Graphite Drafting Stool lets you control the tilt , lumbar support, and knee-tilt as well.

Is there a discount on the Herman Miller Chairs?

Yes, we specialize in discounted Herman Miller Chairs. We can provide refurbished, re-certified chairs, bulk discounts, and price match, which makes us appealing to all sorts of customers ranging fro startups to executive offices.