Herman Miller Aeron Standard Classic Chair Graphite Armless

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Herman Miller Aeron Standard Classic Chair Graphite Armless

A variation of the bestselling Herman Miller Aeron chair, the Herman Miller Aeron Standard Classic Chair Graphite Armless is the perfect choice for those is in search of great flexibility and range of motion in their seating experience. Especially popular among musicians, the Armless Aeron is the go-to chair for many top guitarists seeking the full ergonomic comforts and benefits of a Herman Miller Aeron Chair but without the constraint of arms attached to the chair.

The Herman Miller Aeron Standard Classic Chair Graphite Armless comes in the classic and most popular color; in all three sizes: A, B and C; and with many key features that will your make your seating experience all the more flexible, enjoyable and ergonomically sound. Enjoy the luxury and comfort of the chair that corporate executives, producers and health-care professionals have been selecting for decades, while saving a significant amount of money by buying from Beverly Hills Chairs.

Designed by Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf, the Herman Miller Aeron chair has established itself as the most popular office chair of all time, significantly outpacing all other office furniture. The choice of Fortune 500 companies, technology startups and Hollywood movie sets, the Aeron is the rare office chair that not only provides supreme ergonomic comfort and support, but serves as an internationally recognized symbol of luxury and wealth. Produced since 1994, the Aeron has proven to be one of the most durable chairs on the market, as the high quality of materials and superior craftsmanship make the Aeron a great investment for professionals seeking the unique combination of high-end design, reliability, stability and high performance. Simply stated, the Herman Miller Aeron is the chair companies and individuals buy when money is no object. With our affordable pricing, you can treat yourself and your back to the chair that has been awarded Businessweek's prestigious Design of the Decade award and has been on display at the Museum of Modern Art's permanent collection since 1992 without busting your budget.


  • No Arms: The absence of arms allows for additional mobility and utility.

  • Tension Control: Tension controls allow you to lean back with ease or to increase tension within the chair so that your chair can move incrementally as you lean back.

  • Pneumatic Height Adjustment: The pneumatic height adjustment allows you to select the most optimal and customized height setting so that you can rest your legs in the most ergonomically efficient manner possible - at a 90 degree angle, to take pressure off of your knees - and at the correct height specific to your desk.

  • Kinematic Knee-Tilt Mechanism - The kinematic knee-tilt mechanism allows you to take pressure off of your knees and thighs while seated for an extended period of time.

  • Certified 94% Recyclable: More than half of each chair was crafted from recycled materials. Beverly Hills Chairs is committed to making offices around the country green. We are proud to refurbish Herman Miller Aeron chairs, which are already built with 94% recyclable parts, allowing us to play a role in reducing waste and making the earth greener and cleaner.

* We are not an official Herman Miller dealer. Forward/rear tilt are subject to availability.

*All Herman Miller chairs sold through Beverly Hills Chairs have been professionally refurbished and pass a 20-point inspection.

*Colors are subject to availability.

*If the Standard Leather Headrest is added onto the chair, but we are out of stock, we will upgrade to the Premium Fitted Ergonomic Headrest for free.

All of our Herman Miller chairs are backed with a Free Lifetime Warranty. See Terms and Conditions for our Herman Miller Aeron chair warranty details.

We specialize in selling Herman Miller Chairs at a deep discount. Customers in search of used, cheap ergonomic refurbished, recertified deluxe office chairs for sale at a discount often turn to us when interested in preventing back pain, lower back pain, hip pain and/or shoulder pain when sitting all day at a desk or by a computer. We also offer bulk discounts, price match and cater to a wide variety of audiences, including startup companies, executive offices, conference rooms and design enthusiasts.

Austin F. 02/12/2018

I used to have an office chair with armrests. With the line of work I'm in, those armrests would often get in my way. I needed a comfortable chair that wasn't going to cost me a fortune. I found the Herman Miller Aeron Standard Classic chair. It's the perfect chair for me. And check out these prices. Where are you going to find this quality for less money?

Billy T. 02/12/2018

I'm an audio engineer. When I'm in the studio, I could be in there for hours on end. I need something comfortable to sit in for all those hours. These Herman Miller Aeron chairs are so comfortable. I can sit and work for days in this chair. I would recommend this chair to everyone who's in the market for some high-end office chairs.

Stan M 02/12/2018

I prefer simplicity. I wanted a comfortable office chair that reflects that. When I stumbled upon this Herman Miller office chair at Beverly Hills Chairs, It's comfortable and luxurious but simple. No extras. And I saved a ton of money with BHC.

George B. 02/12/2018

Needed a great office chair. Shopped at Beverly Hills Chairs. End of story!

Vlad R. 02/12/2018

If you’re shopping for a chair but you feel as confused as I did about what to look for in a good chair, I would recommend contacting Beverly Hills Chairs. I called and spoke to a really professional and kind rep who was patient while I asked all of the questions I had. Ultimately, I found a chair that was a perfect fit for me, this Herman Miller Aeron Standard Classic chair. I love it.

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