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Your Natural Reach Zone

To keep your body from straining and stretching, keep things close to your reach. This area is the Natural Reach Zone! To make this Natural Reach Zone ergonomic, you should keep your body from being put under pressure multiple times a day by putting the things you use the most, like pencils and pens, within the area that you can keep your elbows near your body. If you use the phone a lot in your chair put it close to you as well, even if it is bulky. This means to keep the items you hardly use, like most likely folders or books, further out of reach. Set your desk up in this way to keep your body stress-free and ergonomic!


"Home Up" your Dorm Room

"Home Up" your Dorm Room

Whether you're just a few miles away from home for college or thousands of miles away, you're living in a new environment. It's a new bed, a new desk, and you may even have a stranger living with you. Unfortunately, this is college for you. It's time to make the...
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