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The best way to alleviate body pain in your work place is to have a great ergonomic chair, like the Herman Miller Aeron chair. But sometimes a great chair is not enough! Doing certain exercises throughout your work day in your office chair can help keep you healthy and pain-free, so we listed a few ergonomic exercises below for each body part for you to try out.

Each exercise should be repeated several times!

Neck and Shoulders:

-Move your shoulders in circular motion.

-Lift shoulders towards head, hold for a couple seconds, and then drop to relax.

-Hold your shoulder blades together, hold for a few seconds, and then relax.



-Stand up with knees slightly bent and shoulder-width apart. Take palms and gently push your lower back to bend your back backwards. Hold for about 10 seconds.

-Interlace your hands and lift overhead. Straighten out your arms and push up as far as they can. Move side to side, holding at each side for couple seconds each time.

-Reach your arms overhead, outward and upward as far as you can until your feel a stretch. Hold for about 10 seconds and then relax.


Legs and Feet:

-Sit upright and lift one leg off the floor, keeping it straight. Point toes upward and then downward. Repeat a few times and then switch legs.

-While sitting near the edge of your chair, lift one foot while keeping your leg straight, toes pointed up, and the other foot flat on the floor. Hold for 5-10 seconds and then switch legs.


Not only are these exercises helpful to strengthen your posture, a great ergonomic chair significantly helps as well!


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