What To Look For in an Ergonomic Chair - Part III: Mobility

When you are looking for a new chair, there are important issues of mobility to consider. For example, how easy is the chair to move? Will the chair need to be able to slide around a workspace or will it primarily be in one location? In order to effectively address this question, it can be helpful to look at it as a decision between having a stationary chair versus one with wheels.


Wheels allow you free movement in your work space. If you find yourself at a larger desk or in a large office space, a chair with will and a swiveling seat will probably suit your needs best. When you are dealing with wheels, it's important to take account of the type of floor on which your chair sits. If you're on a new hardwood floor for example, look for softer rubber wheels. Or, if you're on carpet, you might want to look a plastic mat in order to improve your mobility.


Stationary chairs are great for conference rooms and areas in which chairs will most likely stay in one location. While you won't be able to move as freely, stationary chairs allow the user similar comfort often at a lower price point. One thing to pay attention to when making this decision is the lack of armrests often found on stationary chairs. If you want comfortable arms, you probably want wheels.


Finding the Perfect Chair for You

Finding the Perfect Chair for You

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