Using a Fitness Ball as a Chair to Reduce Back Pain: The Myth

Are you experiencing back pain day after day? Do you think that your office chair is to blame? Many people suffering from back pain decide to opt for an exercise ball for sitting in lieu of their uncomfortable office chair in hopes of alleviating their pain. What is important to realize, however, is that sitting on an office chair all day can actually intensify back pain. If you sit up straight on the fitness ball, you can strengthen back muscles and thus alleviate pain, but sitting on the ball for too long will actually increase your discomfort. The problem is this: it is impossible to remain perfectly upright all day while sitting on the ball, which means that you will grow tired and slouch, which will strain your back.

So, sitting on a fitness ball for periods of about twenty minutes should help fend off back pain, but it is best not to use the ball for long periods. Rather, alternate between the fitness ball and your office chair throughout the day. Also be sure to take regular stretch breaks when you are feeling sore and stiff. The simple changes should help you stay your most comfortable at work.

Incorporating use of the fitness ball should help strengthen your back muscles, allowing you to sit with better posture in your regular chair and thus fend off back pain. If this change does not help, however, your office chair may be to blame. Consider searching for a more supportive and comfortable office chair. An ergonomic chair is designed to provide lumbar support, which is crucial to a healthy and pain-free back. Not worrying about back pain will help you to be more productive at work and enjoy your time at the office more.


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