Understanding the Importance of Ergonomics

Ergonomics is the science of creating an efficient work space, which means utilizing space, tools, and people to optimize work output. To make sure workers are optimizing productivity, they have to be healthy, comfortable, and stress-free. This can be achieved with a good desk and an excellent chair, like the Herman Miller Aeron Chair and any of our desks here at Beverly Hills Chairs. With a rapid increase in businesses in the past hundred years, ergonomics have become an increasingly important topic. The question is how did all this start?

Ergonomics all started with Frederick Winslow Taylor in 19th?century who sought to improve industrial efficiency and business management. His general idea is to optimize all the factors that go into work until the most optimal point of production is found. His ideas were expanded on by Frank and Gilbreth with the "time and motion" study which involved reducing steps in the work place to save time and increase efficiency. As technology grew, especially in WWI and WWII, the effects of machinery on humans became an issue; for example how altitude affects a pilot. In the past twenty plus years, the interaction between humans and computer has been the biggest issue in ergonomics. Chairs, desks, keyboards, computer screens, etc. have all been taken into account to keep workers healthy and comfortable to come in everyday and be their most productive. If you buy a Herman Miller Aeron Chair or any furniture from Beverly Hills Chairs, we can guarantee a productive, ergonomic work place.


Desk For Success: A How To Guide

Desk For Success: A How To Guide

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