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Underappreciated Perks of Summer Vacation

Ah, summer vacation. Perhaps the greatest part of the year. If you're out of school for the summer, then you may have more free time on your hands than usual. Your schedule becomes less structured, too, since you're not going to class at the same time every day. This kind of lifestyle comes with great benefits. During the summer season, things that you couldn't do in the rest of the year suddenly become available.

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Finally Getting Things Done

Oftentimes, work keeps people so busy that they find little time to do much else. In that case, summer vacation can seem like a heavenly gift bearer, providing more of that precious time. During the summer, maybe you can finally complete some of the things you've always been putting off.

"Getting stuff done" often makes people think of work, like the kind someone would do on a computer in an office. Actually, it doesn't have to mean that. This could refer to any little task that's been delayed for a while. It could mean you get to finish a good novel. Marathon a sweet TV show. Lose yourself in a video game.

Many of the hobbies you could take up will involve a lot of sitting. For that, you'll want to get a well-made chair. At Beverly Hills Chairs, their website sells plenty of great ergonomic chairs, refurbished and affordable. Even famed Herman Miller aeron chairs can be bought at a reasonably cheap price. For any activity that includes sitting, having a chair with an ergonomic design is important. It reduces the body aches that come from being seated for a long while. Not to mention that the breathable mesh featured on many of these chairs will help with sweaty issues that may emerge during the summer weather.

Your imagination's the limit. Pursue any hobby that you can dream of.

Watching the Sunrise

When school is in session, you pretty much have to maintain a regular sleep schedule. Waking up early every morning means also going to sleep at a decent time each night. No sleep means suffering in class.

However, during summer, there's no school to obligate you to be ready in the morning. You can stay up late reading a book or using your computer, if you like. Sure, your sleep schedule may become lopsided in the following days because of that. But it's not really a big deal during the glorious freedom of summer.

If you stay up late enough, eventually you'll be able to watch the sunrise. Sit or stand at your window and marvel at the changing light outside. A distinct, practically poetic pleasure comes from remaining awake for so long that your one day runs into the next day, causing two days to blend into one. And the sunrise is beautiful, of course. Many an artist has drawn inspiration from the litany of colors at play in an awakening sky.

Shopping at 2 AM

Another perk of an irregular schedule means that one can go shopping at strange hours, if desired. Several stores stay open for 24 hours, but how many people actually go during the deepest of the night?

Well, now it could be you! Bask in the tingles of excitement as you desert a shadowy scene to enter through store doors. Revel in the lack of a crushing late afternoon crowd. Gaze upon the shelves of merchandise and ponder how your consciousness is now surfing away from organized time. For you are standing among aisles of makeup cases or wheels or soup cans or footrests, but you are not doing so between breakfast and lunch. You are not standing there between lunch and dinner. No, you stand there at the hours of the void, the horizon line between the realms of sleeping and waking.

However, a drawback is that stores may be busy cleaning at these hours. Stroll down a shop aisle at midnight and there's a good chance you'll be accompanied by an employee who's riding atop a motorized floor scrubber. Going into a store at this time may be more of an experience than actually for shopping.

But still, it is a cool experience to have under your belt. It's an intriguing anecdote you can mention while catching up with your friends, to make the events of your life sound mysterious. Be cool during the summer!


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