Tips for a High Energy Work Day

Does a lack of sleep leave you dozing off in your chair during at the office?? Help improve your sleeping patterns and maintain balanced energy levels throughout the day by following some steps to make your mornings run smoothly.

An easy way to save time in the morning while also saving money is to make your own coffee. Invest in a coffee machine that allows you to prepare the night before; certain machines will have an alarm that can be set for the morning. Not having to make a stop at the local coffee shop will save you about twenty minutes. Another easy way to improve your energy upon waking is to purchase an app that awakes you according to your sleep cycles. In addition, you can place your alarm clock or phone far away from your bed so that you are less inclined to hit snooze. Finally, expose yourself to bright light when you wake up and also throughout the day. Make sure to get up from your chair and get some fresh air and sunlight for an instant energy boost!

The comfort of an ergonomic office chair can be very welcoming to a sleeping body, but no one wants to be the person snoozing on the job! Keeping these tips in mind will ensure you improve your morning routine and maximize energy levels.


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