Three Tiny Home Must Haves

What’s small, cute, and all the rage in the United States right now? Tiny homes!

Tiny homes are sweeping the nation, gathering more popularity as single people and families alike are abandoning their spacious homes for a more compact, sustainable model.

People are taking the advice of organization consultant, Marie Kondo, and only keeping items that spark joy, eliminating clutter and excess items in their lives, allowing them the chance to transition into a more minimalist and sustainable lifestyle in a tiny home.

For others, making the switch to a tiny home means saving money on rent or a mortgage which allows people to invest in experiences over things. A tiny home on wheels gives added flexibility and ability to focus on travel if you're hoping to live a more nomadic lifestyle.

What is a Tiny Home?

Tiny homes usually range between 100 and 400 square feet in size and come in a variety of shapes. One of the biggest appeals of making the switch to a tiny home is the ability to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Tiny homes require less energy to heat and use less materials to build making them eco friendly housing options.

Some people will choose to construct permanent tiny homes on their own land. Others convert old trailers, buses, and vans to create their very own tiny home that can travel wherever they want to go.

Whether you’re looking to travel the country or just live a more minimalist and eco friendly  lifestyle, tiny houses are fun, affordable, and environmentally friendly!

Purchase These Items for Your Tiny Home

If you’re considering making the transition to small living, there’s a few items to consider installing or purchasing for your home to make the most of your small space. Here are three must haves when creating the tiny home of your dreams

  1. Pull Out Couch

When designing your very own tiny home convertibility is key. There’s not a lot of space, so it’s important that you use your space creatively and make your areas versatile. 

Having a couch that pulls out into a bed can be a great way to maximize your space. 

Use your pull out couch in your living room as a place for guests to stay or, even better, make your bedroom a place to sleep by day and a living room by night by installing a pull out couch instead of a regular, queen sized bed.

This will make your space feel more open during the day and cozy by night.

  1. Rolling Desk and Chair

Being able to move items around easily is ideal in a tiny home. Many people are still working from home as a result of the novel coronavirus. Working from home can be hard enough- add in having only 200 square feet to do it in and it’s a recipe for disaster.

Luckily, there are rolling desks that can easily be rolled into the center of your home for work and then pushed back against a wall or used as a kitchen countertop at night!

Purchase this Mobile Steel Work Station which will allow you to move the desk for easy storage. In addition, purchasing a rolling desk chair will allow you to easily move the chair to the side or use it as additional seating.

Try purchasing a desk chair that’s a little more stylish that can easily be used for work or fun, like this sleek leather Cream/Chrome Mid Back Conference Chair. This office chair can easily be used as a comfortable chair to use during your workday while easily fitting in to your modern decor by night.

  1. Canopy

If you’re living in a tiny home with another person it can be hard to find your own personal space. Many people with tiny homes opt to live on large pieces of land to counteract their claustrophobia.

Creating a perfect patio space is essential to any tiny home. Purchasing a canopy brings your tiny home to the next level, allowing you to have an additional space outside rain or shine.

This is especially important to families so that parents can enjoy a relaxing drink outside after a long day or even entertain guests without fear of waking up the kids.

If your tiny home is on wheels you’ll be able to collapse the canopy for easy storage. A canopy is a totally tiny home must have

Make the Switch to a Tiny Home

Whether you’re looking to travel the country or just live a little simpler, these tiny home essentials will help you make your space versatile, comfortable, and stylish, while making the most of the limited space you have.

Designing your tiny home is one of the best parts about making the switch to a minimalist, tiny home lifestyle.

Check out Beverly Hills Chairs’ selection of desks and chairs to help take your dream tiny home to the next level!

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