Things To Consider Before Buying An Office Chair

We're going back to the basics with this valuable advise. In "Sedentariness At Work; How Much Are We Actually Sitting?" by the Endocrine Research Unit at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, studies showed that the average American spends 600 minutes per day sitting on an average work day, and 490 minutes sitting on an average leisure day. That's 10 hours a day sitting on a normal work day, 8 or more of which are spent in an office chair! Knowing this information, you think people would select their office chair carefully, right? The truth is, most people settle for the cheapest option, when in reality, it would be in their best interest to invest in something that is going to affect them and their health in the long run. Here are the top 4 things to consider when buying an office chair that can help consumers make smarter buying decisions.

#1 Comfort

This is the number one consideration when buying a chair for obvious reasons. If you're not comfortable, you're not going to get as much done. Make sure to test the chair out before buying it. Many chairs say they offer "back support" or "lumbar support," but those are details that depend on the placement of the parts and the individual sitting in it.

#2 Durability

No one wants to have to buy a brand new office chair every year. Who can afford that? Be smart when shopping. Just because the chair is advertised as "durable" doesn't necessarily mean it can stand the test. Especially if you are outfitting an entire office, it's better to choose wisely at the start.

#3 Support

Dealing with the health aspect of an office chair can be tricky. Choosing the wrong chair could lead to chronic back pain, and a plethora of back problems, all stemming from the chair you sit in for hours on end at work. Make sure your chair offers the right support, otherwise, it's not worth your time or money.

#4 Quality

Manufacturer reputation can go a long way. Manufacturers that have customer feedback can help to answer questions you may have before buying, and you can look at reviews when deciding if it is the right chair for you or not. You may also want to watch out for "knock-offs." One of the best ways to measure a product's value is to deal directly.

#5 Price

Be open to buying second-hand. Do sufficient research online to find your perfect chair for the best price possible. There's no reason to settle for a sub-par chair just because it's new. If cost is an issue, consider buying a higher quality chair for a lower price by buying it refurbished.


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