The Value of Ergonomics

The science of ergonomics combines both productivity with both workplace comfort and health. How many hours does the average office worker sit in their chair every day? Chances are that the time these workers spend sitting in their chair is greater than the time they spend in their bed every day. You wouldn't want to purchase a cheap, lump mattress?. why settle for an office chair that gives you discomfort and lost productivity.

Before the introduction of ergonomics to the work place, employees sat for long hours in chairs that did not support the correct posture, leading to back pains and joint pains. These pains divert their focus from the task at hand, resulting in lost productivity and workers not functioning at their highest capacity. A comfortable workplace is a productive one. In one study, 80% of participants stated that they preferred to work at an adjustable workstation; all of these participants scored higher on productivity measures. Ergonomic furniture has also been shown to reduce musculoskeletal upper-body discomfort as well as afternoon discomfort.

Finally, scientific studies have established the direct causal link between posture and worker productivity. By maximizing office place comfort, one is able to maximize productivity and output. The findings of these studies make logical sense. How much time per day do you spend adjusting or repositioning to get more comfortable? In addition to a loss of time, these disturbances and interruptions can make you lose your train of thought or lose focus on the task.

Furnishing your workspace with ergonomic furniture is a long-term investment in your business or company. While it may be cheaper for you to go out and purchase an office chair from a chain retailer, you will have to replace said chair every couple years and the negative effects on productivity have already been stated. By purchasing ergonomic furniture, your company is getting more bang for its buck, with benefits two-fold in increased production in the future.

There is no debate over the value of ergonomics. Numerous scientific studies have proven the direct link between workplace comfort and increased productivity. Ergonomic furniture provides this comfort and health. Fully adjustable, supportive work stations and chairs allow workers to operate at their peak in terms of productivity. Through increased productivity and eliminating time lost to discomfort, ergonomic furniture thus has real, defined monetary implications for companies.


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