The Six Best Ergonomic Tips You'll Ever Get

The right placement of a monitor and keyboard can reduce eye, arm, shoulder and neck fatigue. One should follow these tips whenever working at a computer station.

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1) You should adjust the monitor height so that the top of the screen is below eye level. Your eyes should look downward when viewing the screen.

2) Position the monitor no closer than 18 inches from your eyes. A good rule to keep in mind is an arm's length distance. The larger your screen, the more distance you will need.

3) Adjust the screen position to eliminate any possible glare from windows and lights.

4) If lighting conditions permit, tilt the monitor's back: this maintains the same distance between your eyes and the screen as you scan it from top to bottom.

5) The center of the keyboard should be level with the height of your elbow.

6) You should also tilt the keyboard back 10? so that your wrists remain flat.


5 Ways to go Ergonomic

5 Ways to go Ergonomic

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