The Economics of Ergonomics

Ergonomics has seemingly become a buzzword around the office. Anything with an 'ergonomic' label demands a mysterious level of superiority, although usually at a much heftier price tag. So what's all the hype about?

Simply put, ergonomics is all about better comfort, better posture, and better health. It allows you to be more comfortable in your work-space, effectively increasing productivity and decreasing work-space related injuries. And the need for ergonomics in the fast pace of 2013 is apparent - 1 out of every $3 of Worker's Compensation is spent on musculoskeletal disorders, and 34% of missed work days are due to musculoskeletal disorders, costing businesses millions of dollars.

Although ergonomic chairs do cost more than traditional chairs, they are higher in quality and built to last longer. They are meant to conform to your body instead of your body having to fit into something that it shouldn't have to. Top name brand manufacturers like Herman Miller, Ridgely, and Westholme who produce these ergonomic office chairs can be found through Beverly Hills Chairs.

For businesses looking for an economic yet innovative way to improve the bottom line and improve general worker morale, ergonomic office chairs are a sensible choice. Even for individual workers, going the ergonomic route can make your back and your bank account happy.


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