The Benefits of Mesh

While on your hunt for the perfect office chair, you may become overwhelmed by the abundance of different types of office chairs. An important decision that you will face is picking the type of fabric for your new office chair.

Mesh is one of the most popular and widely purchased office chair fabrics right now. People choose mesh because it combines comfort, style, and utility in one chair.

When you are looking for an office chair, comfort is definitely a priority. Mesh will keep you comfortable in a couple ways. First off, mesh is a very breathable fabric. It allows air to flow freely, which will help you avoid a sweaty seat in a warm office. Not only will mesh keep you cool, but its flexibility will keep you comfortable by supporting you exactly where you need it.

Mesh is also a great fabric to work with. It is highly durable, which will help your chair last. Furthermore, mesh is an easy fabric to work with, which helps in creating a comfortable and beautiful design. One mesh chair in particular, the Herman Miller Aeron, has a spot in the Museum of Modern Art's permanent collection for its beautiful and stylish ergonomic design.

Remember to keep mesh at the top of your list the next time you are searching for a new office chair. It won't disappoint.


Defining Ergonomics

Defining Ergonomics

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