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Ten Gift Ideas for the Writer in Your Life

Struggling with what to buy the writer in your life? We’re here to help!

It doesn’t matter if they are a professional writer or do it just for fun. Whether it’s your mom, dad, grandparent, partner, sibling, or friend, these gifts are sure to make the writer in your life smile.

Here are our top ten gift ideas for the writer in your life:

  1.  Monogrammed Pens or Pencils

Purchase the writer in your life a beautiful new set of monogrammed pens or pencils!

Customize pens or pencils for the writer in your life with their name. Or you can place quotes from their favorite authors on the pens. If the writer in your life writes for a specific magazine, newspaper, or tv show, give them a pen with the title of the project on it.

They’ll be reminded of you every time they jot down a new idea.

  1.  Journal

Speaking of ideas; you can never go wrong with a journal! Try these eco-friendly journals made out of recycled materials.

Decomposition notebooks are all the rage because of their earth friendly design and their countless fun patterns!

Try getting creative by buying notebooks in a variety of sizes so your companion can have designated notebooks for writing at home or on the go!

  1.  Desk Lamp

Try purchasing a desk lamp as a gift for the writer in your light. Purchase one with an adjustable light setting to help reduce strain on their eyes when they are up late writing. Or purchase them a sun lamp! Sun lamps boost vitamin D intake which can help with alleviating depression.

  1.  DIY Pencil Holder

This idea is simple and inexpensive! Using a sponge and acrylic paints cover a mason chair in the colors of your choice. Spray the finished jar with clear spray paint to seal it.

You can customize the gift even further by writing a name or quote on the mason jar. Your writer is sure to smile every time they see it sitting on their desk.

  1.  New Desk

A new desk and office chair is an excellent gift idea for any writer. This Computer Desk with Pull out keyboard tray is great for writers, no matter what medium they prefer working with! The pull out keyboard tray allows for comfortable typing. It can easily be pushed under the desk making it possible to hand write directly on the desk when needed.

Or, if you’re looking for another style, this Modern Wood Grain Desk features spacious drawers for storing papers and notebooks full of ideas.

  1.  Office Chair

Try purchasing a new desk chair for the writer in your life. A comfortable and stylish chair will help them feel more productive. This is an especially good gift if the recipient experiences back pain regularly.

Gift them this ErgoHuman High Back Mesh Chair. This office chair features an adjustable headrest to support the neck and 1-touch seat-height adjustment to encourage proper posture.

If your writer prefers something a little more chic purchase them this stylish Lux Leather Conference Chair. They are sure to love the elegant, white leather and chrome arms. Whatever your writer prefers, Beverly Hills Chairs is here to help you find the right chair to fit their needs!

  1.  Comfy Clothes

This gift is an absolute must if your writer works freelance or is currently working from home as many Americans are for the first time. Comfortable clothes minimize distractions allowing writers to focus on their work. Purchase a nice pair of sweatpants, some fuzzy socks, or a sweatshirt for the writer in your life.

  1.  Mug

A mug is a gift that is practical and heartfelt. Plus, if the writer in your life is a tea enthusiast or a coffee addict a mug is a perfect gift for them! Gift them a mug with their favorite literary quote on it to make it extra special. Throw in some artisanal tea or coffee to really make their day.

  1.  Writing Software

Writing software is a gift that is practical and useful. If your writer is a Mac user chances are they’re having to pay for Microsoft Word every year which can get pricey. If you are close with a writer for screen, gift them with a script writing software such as Celtix to make formatting a breeze.

  1. A Book

Chances are the writer in your life also likes to read. Buy them a new book they’ve never read before or purchase them a first edition copy of their longtime favorite book. You get bonus points if it’s signed by the author.

Show Them You Care

Purchase a quality gift this holiday season to show the writer in your life you care.

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