Taking Care of Your Office Chair

An ergonomic office chair, such as the Herman Miller Aeron Chair, is an investment; you want to make sure to take care of it so that it lasts. Regular maintenance will help you remain comfortable at your desk. There are several different ways that you can take care of your office chair, such as cleaning, checking the wheels, and preserving the hardware, which will in turn give you the support and comfort you seek.

It is important to clean your chair regularly. Look for any dust, dirt, fallen crumbs, or coffee spills on your chair. These spots will add up over time, causing your chair to look dingy. To keep your chair looking like new, try to clean up any spills when they occur and look for dust and dirt regularly. Simply use soap and water to spot clean, making sure to rub gently so as not to damage the mesh of your seat.

If you have a rolling desk chair, you will also want to look at the wheels to make sure that your chair is functioning well. The wheels are designed to allow the chair to move effortlessly; if your chair is not doing so, there may be an issue with your wheels. Check the wheels for any damage. Cleaning the wheels regularly can also help your chair roll easily. As previously mentioned, soap and water can be used to clean it.

Checking the hardware is also an important part of maintaining your ergonomic chair. Make sure to tighten screws, as they can loosen over time. For the chair to function at its best, the hardware should be tightened and cleaned. Cleaning the nuts and bolts will help to prevent them from breaking. Using cotton swabs can help you clean these tight spaces.

Lastly, remember that a chair is designed for sitting! So try to avoid misusing the chair, like standing on the chair, in order to best preserve it. Treating your ergonomic chair right will ensure that it lasts as long as possible so that you get full value of your investment.



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