Staying Active at Work: The Simple Solutions

Simple Ways to Stay Active in Your Workplace

According to the research posted on, it has been proven that sitting for hours straight plays a significant role to the increase in the risk of death from cardiovascular disease and cancer. Do you know what that means? Sitting is bad for your health, dear people, so, here are some simple ways to stay productive along with staying active where you work:

1. Let us start off small. Stand up once every hour. Use your smartphone or your laptop to set a reminder for every hour throughout your workday to stand up. You can either get up to go get a small task done like emptying your trash bin, walk across the hall to talk to your coworker instead of sending that text, or you will have simply broken the unhealthy cycle of sitting for hours on end.

stand up, stay active

2. Power up with some tea! Yes, I said tea, not coffee. Now, I know the majority of the people out there are coffee advocates, however, when we weigh the pros and cons of coffee and tea: tea wins. Here's why: - It's easier and cheaper to make any kind of tea than it is to make a cup of coffee! - Green tea contains so many benefits like refreshing your skin from the inside, detoxification, reduction of the risk of cancer, and improved functioning of the brain! - Tea gives you a boost of energy and relaxation to your mind to help you tackle challenges throughout the day! If you're wanting something to keep you going through the work day, tea is the best option.

Kermit the frog drinking Lipton tea

3. Hey YOU! Yes, I see you eyeing that elevator. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Think about it, there is no need for you to get a gym membership - it's a FREE workout! Some other plus points include decrease of bad cholesterol levels and the risk of death from cardiovascular disease and cancer. Drop the elevator and grab the rail.

hit the stairs, moving, exercise, girl walking on stairs

4. Invest in Eye Drops! Not just any eye drops - the ones that are specifically made for dry eyes or computer eye relief. Since the majority of our work is usually done in front of a screen, your eyes will feel strained. So, walk - don't drive if it's not too far - to your local Target, CVS, or any pharmacy nearby and invest your money in a bottle of soothing eye drops.

girl using eye drops, relief

5. Make your workspace look as attractive as you are. Now, how are you going to do that without a comfortable chair? Just think about it, if you were given a designer gown or tuxedo to walk on a red carpet one day but it causes you a great deal of discomfort, don't you think it would show on your face and in your body language? Would you really feel as beautiful as you truly are in that moment wearing that designer gown or tuxedo? Therefore, comfort is everything. Similarly, if you were to sit on just any block of wood given to you at your workplace, would you be able to focus on your work? Let's be honest, that pain in your butt would conquer you. You know, they invented a chair specifically for people like us who prioritize comfort over other needs. This savior I speak of is called the Aeron chair. The Aeron is fully adjustable with a lumbar pad, arm rests that go up, down, in, and out, and the mesh fabric allows the chair to work with your body. Only one place makes it accessible and affordable for you - Beverly Hills Chairs.

Beverly Hills Chairs, Aeron, Herman Miller, ergonomic, chair

6. Lastly, there's an app to increase your productivity on your laptop! We are all fish in the sea who get attracted to Tamatoa, the treasure-hoarding crab from Moana, and there are numerous Tamatoas on the internet. Basically, the point we are making here is that everyone has low key ADHD nowadays and the only way to battle your Tamatoas is to download the app called "Self Control" on your laptop. It will not take long for your work ethic to be transformed. Now get out there, and show them who's boss.

card suit spade with skull and bones, self control app


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