Smart Tips for an Ergonomic Kitchen and home


Bend. Stretch. Twist, turn, duck, reach.

Sorry to disappoint you, but this isn't boot camp. This is you, making dinner. And if you're a woman, you may be doing all this wearing high heels on a ceramic tile floor.


Fortunately, designers and architects are paying more attention to the science of ergonomics, or creating rooms that are designed to encourage productivity, efficiency and comfort, similar to the thought that went into designing the ergonomics of Herman Miller aeron chair and ergonomic offices. By coupling ergonomically designed appliances and fixtures with careful planning,


working in your kitchen and home can become a pleasure, not a pain.

Here are some tips for a ergonomic home:

  • Customize Counters
  • Give Floors Some "Bounce"
  • Go for Drawers, Not Doors
  • "Flip" Over Cabinets
  • Storage, Outlets and Seating
  • Design for Lefties


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