Many of us like our chairs, like we like our men: smart, supportive, and attractive. A man that doesn't give you the right amount of support or keep up with your smarts, simply won't last in a relationship with you. You know that you're deserving of the best and deserve a chair that functions like those sexy men you lay awake at night dreaming about. In honor of the year 2017, and Beverly Hills Chairs, here is a list of chairs on par with sexy men.

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  1. Jamie Dornan

    1. The man stole the world's heart with his sexy beard and perfectly grisly voice. He's attractive, smart, has an Irish accent, and a successful career. He has worked in a band called Sons of Jim, modeled for Abercrombie and Fitch and starred in the blockbuster 50 Shades of Grey.
    2. Now for the chair, The Herman Miller Aeron Fully Loaded with Posture Fit is the perfect chair. It's shade, grey, of course, and the amount of support lives up to Dornan's fit body.? This chair gives you the support you desire. ?Only the best deserve it. ?Would Dornan even deserve such a chair? Well, with those biceps, I think he would.

  2. Ryan Gosling

    1. Everyone wants their very own Gosling. His chiseled abs and radiant smile steal your heart like no other. He is a candadian actor who has been all the rage for years, and most likely, for years to come.
    2. The Herman Miller Aeron - Loaded Drafting Stool, would be the only chair to be on par with the beautiful Ryan Gosling.? The chair has been internationally recognized as "a ?symbol of luxury and wealth." ?The high quality material and the extent of the comfort it offers is only fit for someone worthy of a man as sexy as Ryan Gosling.

  3. Donald Glover (Childish Gambino)

    1. His recent album is everywhere and you have heard his hit single, Redbone, while driving in the car, and even at hot yoga. In that sun salutation, you only wish Glover was there next to you, in the pose warrior 2. He is not only a singer. Glover is an actor, comedian, producer and so much more. Oh ya, he's got variety up his sleeve. He has been nominated for two Grammy awards and received an Alma Mater at New York University.
    2. The only fitting chair would have to offer intelligence, attractiveness and oh of course, support.. And that would only be the sexy Freedom Headrest by Humanscale. ?It is leather with a titanium base (Oh ya). ?It is the number one chair you can have. You will show off in it and feel luxurious every time your bottom comes into contact with it. It automatically adapts to you, just like Glover's songs hit you right in that warm and fuzzy place and make you come alive.