Opening up Poppin's website, you are greeted by colorful office supplies. Scrolling down the main page, your eyes stop at phrases in bright colors of yellow, orange, pink, blue and green catch your eye. You read "115 amazing employees, 3,500+ wholesale locations, 16,939 businesses working happy" and more. The company's page emits happiness and innovation. It promotes assembling your unique space that furthers your productivity and most importantly creativity.

Imagine bright tape dispensers in any color. That grey claustrophobic office becomes a space that emits your lively style. Poppin is a company that brings color and innovation to the office space. There is no middleman. Decorating your office space has never been easier.

poppin, colorful office supplies, tape dispenser

The company Poppin adheres to the motto "be happy". With the amount that this company has achieved, they deserve to celebrate, and happiness is the greatest award anyone can receive.

In the year 2009, Poppin launched. Chris Burch and Ken Seiff founded the company. The startup brand promoted an easily assembled work space that would provide buyers will the chance to customize their ideal space. The goal was to bring products that were aesthetically pleasing and easily utilized. The online retailer found demand in consumer and corporate markets. It differentiated itself with its use of color and customization. The company provides an extensive range of colors in multiple categories. The VP of design at Poppin, Jeff Miller, states "building out collection like a family, with a common elemental aesthetic, we design quintessential products that perform and feel at home in any environment." It is clear that this company found a market that embraced a need for a more colorful and elemental setting in offices.

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The company definitely faced its hand of obstacles. When it first launched, it wasn't successful. In an interview with the CEO, Randy Nicolau, he stated that the company was "working with a skeleton crew and just barely making payroll." The products produced in China came out different than what they wanted. The products varied in quality and lacked cohesion. ?Nicolau bought out Seiff, one of the original founders. Nicolau had experience in advertising and was able to use that to help Poppin become a success.

They worked on the company's supply by hiring an executive from Staples and a marketing officer from 1-800-Flowers and a COO from Uncommon Goods. The company pushed on with the idea of bringing fashion into office supply. It was a good idea and the company needed to push out the middleman. They did this by getting rid of the middleman and being only online. ?From then on Poppin could focus on the customers and the quality. Through relaunching as an online retailer and focusing on the customers, Poppin was able to re-brand and bring in millions.

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The brand became successful because Poppin provides products instead of selling other brands. It supplies "beautiful and functional" products. The items are high quality and the buyer can purchase items based on his or her desired look. In an interview with Ford magazine, Kevin Ranford stated that the company saw success in various marketing channels including: "SEM, Display, Email, Affiliates and Social Media."

The brand used ads to catch potential buyers attention. Ranford went on to say that display ads are the best at getting "product images in front of customers online- even more so for impulse buyer categories." The brand was able to use its breadth of colors to lure in customers with advertisements. Ranford stated that "this played well with in-market shoppers as we can tailor promotions to match their color preferences/goals, serving up relevant products cross-category in shoppers' desired colors directly via our online display ad program and other marketing channels." This approach allows the company to advertise in a similar way to the products they sell. The advertisements are modified for the customer, just as the products would be online. The ability to customize and attune products to the customers aided Poppin in its triumph.

Poppin has brought in millions. It serves businesses and consumers. The company is expanding the products they feature ?online and continues to grow as a family of workers. In Series A and B rounds, the company has raised 17 million dollars and additional 17 million in Series C funding. The online business' size and scale is kept private. The company continues to pursue an innovative work space that allows its customers to express themselves. The company provides consistent designs that focus on the customer.

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Beverly Hills Chairs is a company that is similar to Poppin. It refurbishes high quality chairs and sells them at lower, more affordable prices. This means that anyone can buy a Herman Miller Chair for half the price. These chairs provide lower back support, comfort, style and much more. Not to mention, a Herman Miller Chair can easily tie together an office. The quest for an ergonomically beneficial chair can be very difficult. Fortunately, Beverly Hills Chairs offers an extensive collection with amazing prices. The idea of refurbishing and reselling high quality, luxury chairs for affordable prices changes the way businesses style their offices.

Herman Miller Aeron, Crazy Chair, Ergonomic

Beverly Hills Chairs offers a wide variety of items that fit the buyer's needs. Similarly, Poppin's marketing goal is to identify customers who care about style and fashion. Buyers that want to define themselves through their space are attracted to the extensive colors and easy customizability. These brands greatly appeal to consumers and make defining your space easy. Nonetheless, Poppin and Beverly Hills Chairs are two companies that look to transform the way customers go about refurbishing and purchasing office furniture.





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