The Perfect Desk for the New Year and New You

New Years’ is a great time for everyone to turn over a new leaf, and begin a new chapter in their lives. Some people choose to join a gym, others decide to cut out bad habits and sometimes people decide that this year is the time to start a passion project. 

Whatever your New Year’s Resolution maybe, it’s always important to make sure the environment around you is conducive to your new goals. This could be a revamp of your closet, starting spring cleaning early, or maybe it’s redoing your office. 

While you look to improve some of your office furniture it’s always good to keep in mind which one will match your goals for the New Year and new you. 

Below is a guide to what the perfect desk is for you based on your New Year’s resolution:

  •  If You Want to Live a Healthier Lifestyle… 

The most common New Year’s Resolutions set every year across America is to have a healthier lifestyle. Losing weight, exercising, and eating healthier all fall under the umbrella of this.

The New Year is the perfect time to reset and take the time to invest in a healthier lifestyle that can only benefit you. Since you want to only have a fresh start with your habits this year, we at the Beverly Hills Chair Company recommend a fresh desk to go along with them.

The Modern Wood Grain Desk in Light Ash is the perfect desk for your office as you go into a fresh new lifestyle. The light ash color of the desk really goes along with the lively and invigorated look that your lifestyle now entails. With the wide-open tabletop design, it matches up with the wide-open door of your new healthy habits. 

  • If You Want to Learn a New Skill…

Learning a new skill or hobby is something that can be done anytime during the year, but having it as a New Year’s resolution is a good reason to hold yourself accountable. 

Some people decide a new skill they want to pick up is a language, while others want to learn origami. Regardless of the new skill you want to learn, it’s important to have a great workspace to learn it at. 

We recommend the StandDesk, the Leading Sit to Stand Motorized Desk. The StandDesk is the perfect desk to learn a new skill at. Firstly, it’s unique in that it can be adjusted from a standing to sitting desk at any time. This means if you need to practice your new skill sitting or standing, you’ll be able to adjust it as you go. 

Also, the desk provides a large tabletop workspace for you to spread out all your new skill building materials. For example, with the StandDesk you can run your instructional content on your laptop, while still having enough room to take notes and practice your new skill. 

  • If You Want to Get More Organized…

Organization is always great! Whether it be organizing your files or life in general, it never hurts to take inventory and reevaluate. Having an organized life in all faucets only yields a greater productivity gain for you. 

Since you want to get organized this year, it means you need the perfect desk to help you do so. Our Modern Wood Grain Desk in Dark Ash is the perfect desk for the job. 

The desk features a tabletop workspace large enough to make sure all your materials can be spread out and not cluttered. Additionally, the desk has two storage drawers built in to store all necessary items.  

With the Modern Wood Grain Desk in Dark Ash, you’ll have enough room to organize your physical and mental clutter. 

  • If You Want to Spend More Time with Loved Ones…

Right now we have missed out on a lot in the world, but it’s been hardest to not see our friends and family that often. Although, even though we can’t be in person with our loved ones for a while doesn’t mean we still can’t virtually spend time with them. 

The virtual world is the way of the future, and it doesn’t mean we can’t have quality time on it! As you find ways to spend more time with your loved ones online, it’s important to have a great home base to do it out of. 

We recommend the Mobile Steel Workstation Desk in White as the perfect home base to spend more time with loved ones. Its minimalistic design is perfectly suited to be a virtual collaborative workspace.

The desk is engineered with wheels on all four legs, which means it can move anywhere! Therefore if you want to cook dinner virtually with a friend or sit down and stream Netflix with your mom, it can move from the kitchen to the den with no problem!

In Conclusion

While the New Year is a great opportunity to motivate yourself to achieve new goals, it’s important to remember you can have a new resolution for yourself anytime. Taking care of yourself and your workspace is never a bad idea. 

We at the Beverly Hills Chair company want to grow with you and your new goals. We offer all different kinds of desks and chairs that can accommodate all of your ambitions.



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