Office Game of Thrones: Which House Are You?

Your office space can say a lot about your personality. What does your office say about what Game of Thrones house you belong in?

1. If you have a sit-stand desk, you belong in House Lannister. Sit-Stand desks indicate that you know how to cleverly use your resources, placing you in the house that knows how to manipulate situations to their advantage.

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2. If you have a Herman Miller Chair, you belong in House Baratheon. This ergonomic chair is only fit for a family that has a long line of kings.

3. If you keep your office door shut, you belong in House Arryn. The Arryn's live in a high castle, so no one sees or hears them unless they want them to.

4. If you have family photos on your desk you belong in House Stark. House Stark honors their family and never forgets their roots.

Game of Thrones, office, chairs, house, stark, house stark, jon snow

5. If you always have a cup of coffee on your desk you belong in House Targaryen. Your desire for a heated beverage places you in this fire breathing dragon born family.

6. If you keep your windows open you belong in House Tyrell. House Tyrell lives in a beautiful garden land so they always get to enjoy a nice view and fresh air.

7. If you play music in your office you belong in House Greyjoy. This house is perfect for someone who likes to work and listen to music at the same time because Greyjoys make untraditional decisions when it comes to lineage.

8. If your office is organized and clean you belong in House Tully. The Tully's are always on top of their game and tend to plan ahead of time.

game of thrones, office, chair, house, tully, house tully

9. If you have papers all over your desk you belong in House Martell. House Martell is sporadic, making the perfect fit for individuals that are all over the place, yet ultimately succeed.


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