Office Chair Racing: Why the Herman Miller Aeron Smokes the Competition

Office racing

Credit: Rikki's Refuge (CC)

The line between work and play is growing increasingly fuzzy. Who would have thought, for example, that one day it'd be normal to see billiards and darts, meditation and yoga sessions-- even happy hour--in the office?

That's why it comes as no surprise that the swivel chair, the thing you're stuck sitting on eight hours a day, has transformed into a symbol of concrete-shredding freedom--like a Harley Davidson you can do accounting on.

Welcome to the world of competitive office chair racing. It's a serious sport, with races across the globe, including a brutal Office Chair Grand Prix in Japan. Some win. Many lose. And a few unlucky participants crash and burn.

If you're getting a need for speed now, remember: You're only as fast as your swivel chair. It's important to choose the right vehicle. Here's why the Herman Miller Aeron Chair stands out as the fastest, most cost-effective choice--in the office and on the track.

The Aeron Chair is One Comfortable Ride

Herman Miller chairs are a spectacle of ergonomic precision. Designers conducted extensive research to ensure the Aeron seat pan and lumbar support pad give your pelvis a perfect forward tilt that keeps your spine and back muscles comfortable in their natural positions. That means you'll be able to focus more on the road and not that annoying pain in your lower back.

Aeron Chair Parts Replacement is a Breeze

Aeron chair replacement parts are easy to obtain. Whether you need a Herman Miller armrest replacement or new seat pad, Aeron chair repair can be relatively easy and low-cost. That's because with plenty of refurbished parts on the market, it's cheap to replace a wheel that flies off on a sharp turn or a lumbar support pad that's damaged in a crash.

Buying a refurbished Herman Miller chair and accessories is also a much speedier option. Rather than wait weeks for brand new spare parts from a wholesaler or retailer, a refurbisher can be much faster. Beverly Hills Chairs, for instance, can get you what you need in just a couple days so you'll be street-ready in no time.

The Herman Miller Aeron is Eco-friendly

Move over Prius, the Aeron chair is an even more fuel-efficient form of transportation than leading hybrid and electric cars--as long as you don't mind going 1 MPH.

Not only does the Aeron boast zero emissions, it's one of the most sustainable products on the market today. Herman Miller has been a pioneer in smart furniture, with sustainable offices and zero emission factories. And the chair itself is made mostly of recycled and recyclable materials. Whether you're sitting at a cubicle or speeding along a raceway, the Aeron is one clean, comfortable chair.

Ready to ride? Check out our line of ergonomic chairs today.


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