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Office Birthdays

Don't fall off your desk chair. Just follow these quick and easy rules to make your co-worker's birthday special for under $5.

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1) Let there be cake: Bringing in a cake even if it's store-bought is the easiest way to make anything festive.

2) Decorate! You don't even have to get creative. Just decorate his or desk with colored sticky notes!

3) Acknowledgement: A simple remembrance can go a long way.

4) Wait, it's YOUR birthday too!?: If there seems to be a clump of birthday in one month, do a monthly celebration for all the birthdays of that month.

5) Game of thrones: Turn their desk chair into a birthday throne simply by putting a sign, birthday crown or even a blanket over the chair to make it.

6) Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth: By picking up his or her favorite candy bar or snack, you are letting them know you were thinking of them without having.

7) Booze it up! Propose everyone going to a nearby bar for drinks after work, with no added pressure or guilt if they don't attend.


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