New Year, New Resolutions

For many, New Years resolutions consists of becoming healthier. That could mean something different for everyone. There is the "eat healthy," "drink more water," "quit smoking," and the ever-popular "lose weight." But why do people always tend to miss the obvious, most simple solutions when it comes to taking care of themselves?

The most important aspect of living healthy is to make sure that all of your bones and muscles are in check. What good is a gym membership if you can't lift weights because your back is in pain. Start of 2015 by taking the right steps to health in the right order. Step One: Take care of your body. Step Two: Change your body.

Taking care of your body means different things for different people. If your neck hurts, try changing your pillows. Does your back hurt? Get a new chair. If you're sitting at a desk the whole (other than when you're at the gym!) it's important to have a comfortable chair with good back support.

The conclusion is clear. This year when you're making your resolution, make sure to look at the big picture. A new ergonomic chair might be the perfect first step in reaching your goal of a healthy body in 2015.


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