New Look for Beverly Hills Chairs

The Beverly Hills Chairs website has a new look! With its new sleek and modern design, customers can easily navigate through different categories including seating, desks and tables, and accessories. Price disparities are easily distinguished with the original price listed, and the discounted rate that Beverly Hills Chairs offers underneath each pictured item.

Not only does Beverly Hills Chairs offer a wide variety of ergonomic seating, but also offers a selection of desks, along with accessories such as individual parts and maintenance products. One of the most useful accessories is the touch-up paint for Herman Miller Aeron chairs. Pay only $22.95 to touch up little nicks and scratches to keep your chair looking brand new.

In addition, shoppers can find the blog that is updated weekly, information about the BHC team, and client testimonials. So whether you're shopping for a new chair or following our blog, check out the new site and let us know what you think!



Ergonomics: What Is It Really?

Ergonomics: What Is It Really?

Ergonomics has become a common trend within the workplace with the new surge in health and creating new, healthy lifestyles. That being said, not a lot of people truly understand what ergonomics is or studies. The Dictionary definition of ergonomics is: the study of people's efficiency in their ...
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