More Chair Workouts

There are several workouts you can do using just your ergonomic chair. The only requirement is that the chair is sturdy, and you are on your way to burning tons of calories. It is easy and convenient!


Face the seat, standing a comfortable distance from the chair. Step one leg up, and push yourself up until both legs are on top of the seat. Lower the same leg first, followed by the second until standing back on the floor. Repeat until finished with the reps. Then, repeat with the other leg first.

Reps: 2 X 15 (each side)

The Plank:

Put both of your feet on the seat, and form the plank by fully extending your body with your forearms on the ground. It is important that your body is in a straight line, with no arch in your back. Keep your core muscles tight for one minute, or longer if possible.

Reps: 3 X 1 minute


It is very similar to a plank. Instead of forearms however, push yourself up on your hands. Then, do a standard pushup. It should be harder than a regular pushup, since your legs are elevated.

Reps: 3 X 10

Triceps Dip:

Sit on the chair. Put your hands on the armrests, and walk your legs out so that your body is extended with only your palms on the chair. Lower your body, bending your arms, using only your triceps. Straighten your arms, pushing yourself up away from the chair. Repeat.

Reps: 3 X 10

Note: Make sure you have the right kind of chair for these exercises. A swiveling, ergonomic office chair is not ideal. Use something sturdy, and get that sexy body!


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