Its 3PM. I'm at work. I wanna go home!

I seem to enjoy working everyday until 3pm. The same feeling of exhaustion and the need to take a nap sets in. My doctor has assured me there is nothing wrong with me, but I ask why I am so tired at 3pm everyday at work.

Doctor: What do you do at work during the day?

Me: I am working at my desk, writing emails, talking on conference calls, and keeping track of my shipments online.

Doctor: Do you have coffee during the day?

Me: Yes. I drink an iced coffee every morning followed by a Coke Zero.

Doctor: Do you exercise regularly?

Me: I usually work out on the weekend and try to walk up the stairs in my building over taking the elevator.

Doctor: So you are pretty much sitting down in front of the computer all day (This was said "in a matter of fact type of way" more than an actual question).

Me: I guess.

Doctor: You need to do your best to move around throughout the day.

Me: But my job is reliant on me working in front of the computer and being able to take phone calls and sit in meetings.

Doctor: The good news is you are not the only person who has come to me with this issue. People have been complaining of fatigue for decades in the workplace, especially in the afternoon. Luckily, the scientific community has found that movement throughout the workday as well with a healthy and balanced lunch can lead to more energy and work efficiency.

Me: Ok....but how do you expect me to get all this movement while I am sitting in front of the computer?

Doctor: Simple. You need to have your boss or yourself invest in either a sit to stand desk or a desktop riser.

Me: Sounds expensive.

Doctor: So do your medical bills and receipts from Starbucks.

Me: Good point. Do you have any recommendations?

Doctor: There are very affordable sit to stand desks being sold at Beverly Hills Chairs.

Me: What are sit to stand desks? and what is a desktop riser?


Doctor: A sit to stand desk allows you to raise the height of your entire desk so that you can stand up periodically during the day. Likewise, a desktop riser will be placed on top of your desk and you can add a laptop and monitor on top and then lift up the desktop riser to your desired height. This will allow you to get more movement by standing, moving from side to side, do some quick stretches, and will keep your energy up as your heart rate will not slow down as it is when you are sitting all day and making you sleepy.

Me: Is there any specific routine you recommend?

Doctor: There has been so much literature posted online about sit to stand desks and the cardiovascular benefits- there is no shortage on routines to test out online.

Me: Okay.

Forward 4 weeks later******

I am now working with a sit to stand desk at work and a desktop riser at home. I am actually pretty shocked at how I was ever sitting all day to get my work done. It is a small change but there is no question in my mind that it has made me more energized and keeps that 3pm feeling away. To be perfectly honest I now have a 5pm problem. But on the bright side, I typically leave the office around 5pm.

For more information on getting rid of that 3pm feeling at work as well as info on special pricing on sit to stand desks and desktop risers, visit or call 424-242-4780.


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