If you're going to be chairman, shouldn't you sit like one?

You've finally been promoted and have the form-fitting cushioned chair and?incomparable lumbar support you've been dreaming of since your internship. So, now that you've got the boss chair: How do you sit in it?

Rule 1: Sit like a gentleman. Keep your feet firmly on the ground, perpendicular to?the floor, whilst keeping your knees in check by making sure there is a slight gap between them.

Rule 2: Stop fidgeting like a schoolgirl. Although you may be stressing out about?your new position, keep your anxious stirring under control: They gave you this job for a reason.

Rule 3: Hand check! Always keep your hands where your co-workers can see them. It just looks weird when they're under your desk or in your lap.

Rule 4: Whatever you do, don't sit with your legs too wide. It sends messages of superiority in a derogatory way. It also draws unwarranted attention to your crotch, which tends to make others uncomfortable.

Rule 5: Don't expose the sole of your shoe. Oddly enough, it can be extremely offensive in some cultures.

Rule 6: Sit with confidence. In other words, sit like the boss you are. Sit straight and proud, because you earned it, buddy!

The way that you sit represents the way that you're going to be seen by others. Non-verbal communication speaks louder than you think, so don't just be chairman, be chair master.


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