Ergonomic chairs, like the Herman Miller Aeron, will help straighten your spine. However, there are also other techniques that you should do to help your chair help you. We've listed them below.

1. Always keep good posture. For tips on maintaining a good posture, check out How to Maintain Excellent Posture.

2. Lie down correctly when you are sleeping. Never use a pillow that is too tall. Use a lowly elevated pillow so that your neck does not bend too much. If you're lying on your back, place a pillow below your knees. If you're lying on your side, place a pillow between your legs. And if you're serious about straightening your spine, never sleep on your stomach.

3. Keep your arms and legs straight when possible.?This will promote healthy blood circulation and relaxation. This is excellent for the spine.

4. Keep your bones strong.Consume a lot of calcium to help keep your bones healthy. For children and adults, eat around 1,000-1,300mg of calcium per day. Dairy items like milk and cheese are an excellent source of calcium.

5. Get a massage.?Light pressure on your back muscles can gently align your spine. Plus, who doesn't love getting massages?

Follow these few tips and your spine will be as straight as ever. Combine these with your luxurious ergonomic chair and your spine will thank you for years!