How To: Make the Perfect Man Cave

Making the Cave

Beers, enormous televisions, sports, and more beers. Many men dream of having the perfect "Man Cave," but hardly any feel like devoting the time and effort into crafting the elegant masterpiece for the boys and themselves. Man Caves are the epitome of masculinity. Building your own Man Cave may seem like a daunting task at first, but when you truly delve into the specifics of the craft it isn't all to troubling. If you're a guy who wants a specific sport theme (ex. hockey, football, etc.), an outdoors theme, a coffee shop theme, or whatever theme, it takes a little effort but not a superabundant amount. Here are a list of tips on how to make the perfect man cave to suit your needs.

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Make it Nice and Comfy

Comfort is where it all starts. Without the feeling of relaxation and peace of mind, one cannot fully embrace the man cave. Make sure to load up with butt-sinking couches, comfortable chairs, massage level footrests, and any type of tranquilizing pillow you can find. The essence of the man-cave truly lies within the comfortability. Finding comfortable couches is a walk in the park, and so are comfortable footrests, but comfortable chairs are not.

Finding comfortable chairs can be difficult in many cases, but not when you're looking at Beverly Hills Chairs website. Beverly Hills Chairs has a vast selection of ergonomic chairs that will fit right in with your man cave. These chairs are great for preventing neck and back pain, and are offered in multiple styles that allow for you to choose which one you feel will flow best with your cave. These chairs allow for people to recline as far back as they can dream of, and help support healthy blood flow. So when you and the boys are crackin' a cold one, you can always be assured that everyone is feeling great and not uncomfortable. man_cave_central

A Big TV

TV's are essential to a great looking man cave. Especially a big one. The bigger the TV the more people will be inclined to want to hang out. This is because more people can watch, and don't have to be sitting front and center. They can watch from all parts of the room. A big TV is also essential if you and the boys enjoy spending Saturday's and Sunday's watching college and NFL football games. The bigger the TV is, the closer you feel to being a part of the action. The TV in a man-cave is like the centerpiece at a wedding, it's nothing special, but without it, nothing looks right.

Make it Versatile

The same reason you can't put your MVP big man (Shaquille?O'Neal) out when you're down three with ten seconds left in basketball is why you can't just have ONLY a TV in your man-cave. It may be good for most situations, but not for all. When your man-cave is a one trick pony people are going to began to get sick of the same old thing. If your cave features multiple things such as a pool table, table hockey, a bar, or whatever else floats your boat it will always be lively.

When you have an array of things in your man-cave people will more likely be drawn to it. You can also make the cave versatile for yourself. That means you can have a half relaxing cave and half office space. A good addition to that office space would be a sit-stand adjustable desk. A desk such as the one mentioned in the former allows your mind to stay active, while at the same time contributes to the reduction of back and neck pain because you won't be hunched over 24/7. This desk is a great way to help prevent cervical spondylosis. Beverly Chairs offers a great selection of sit-stand desks to go on top of their wide selection of ergonomic chairs. Versatility is a key aspect that will make your man-cave rise above the rest. man_cave_central

Find Your Niche

Man-caves are all about being unique and expressing who you are as a person. That can mean being a college football fanatic (see picture below), or being a Star Wars buff. Whatever makes you happy, because man-caves are all about letting go from all the stresses of the world and just being in your happy place. So get out there and make your man cave! man_cave_central



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