How to Maintain Excellent Posture

When it comes to saving your back, maintaining good posture is just as important as having an ergonomic chair. While an ergonomic chair will assist in helping your posture, you have to help yourself first in order for the chair to do its work. Here are some ways to keep good posture.

1. Sit up straight

This is the most important part of maintaining great posture. A helpful tip is to imagine that a book is resting on your head and you have to balance it all day: if you slouch, the book will fall.

2. Align your back with your office chair

It's as simple as it sounds. If you have a proper ergonomic chair, like the Herman Miller Aeron, the chair will have an excellent shape to which you can mold your back. Remember what this position feels like, and keep your back like this everyday.

3. Tape an 'X' on your back.

If you're feeling really motivated to get your back into shape, have a friend place duct tape on your back to form an 'X' from your shoulders to your hips. The tape will prevent you from slouching and will keep you standing upright.

Remember, posture is everything!


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