How to Decorate and Personalize Your Office

Tired of coming into work on Mondays and loving Fridays? Are the old dry walls and office furniture getting dull? The fact is most working people spend a large portion of their lives working about 40 hours a week at their office. Creating an enjoyable environment where you can be productive while at the same time feeling comfortable and relaxed is important in work life satisfaction. Here are a few useful tips to creating a personal and relaxed office:

1. Color reflects personality. Whatever color you choose to decorate your walls, desks, and chairs says a lot about you. For example, black is a very authoritative color, which speaks volumes about a person's personality and attitude.

2. Choose comfortable furniture. You will be sitting at your desk for most of the day so it is extremely important to work at your optimal comfort level. Back and neck pain is ever-present in the office. Investing in ergonomic furniture lessens the risks of office injuries such as carpel tunnel and bodily pains.

3. Consider ergonomic and efficient desks. Just as important as chairs are desks. Ergonomic desks allow you to work more efficiently and productively. L-shaped desks provide one of the best working spaces since it allows you to be more mobile across the desk.

4. Artwork along with color brings personality to a seemingly dull office. Consider decorating your office with family portraits, motivational posters, classic paintings, professional certificates, and whatever speaks about YOU as an individual.

5. Design and style creates a more modern and sleek feel to your office. Rexford executive desks and Herman Miller ergonomic chairs will bring any old office into a state-of-the-art working environment.

Personalizing and decorating your office adds pizzazz, personality, and liveliness. Comfort with design equals luxury.


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