How to Brighten Your Office During the Wintertime

While everyone loves to bundle up during the wintertime, after a while the cold winds, wet streets, and early nighttime darkness become difficult to cope making it hard to sit in a cold, dreary office with the day's gloom peaking through. However just because the weather is dreary doesn't mean your office has to be. Here are a few tips on how to brighten your office during the winter:

Soft Colored Walls - This this is actually important year-round. A soft eggshell or light blue will instantaneously brighten the office and will create a serene atmosphere. While it seems as though a pure white wall might give this same effect, it could actually do the opposite by creating a sterile feeling, so try to avoid using classic white.

Clear Out the Clutter - Regardless of whether you consider yourself a "clean freak" or not, studies show that individuals work better in clean, neat spaces. Take a day to clear out the clutter in your office - throw away the trash that's been piling up on your desk and make use that filing cabinet - and you'll feel happier and more productive in your new clean office!

Transform Your Chair -Tap into winter's cozy theme and keep a throw blanket on your desk chair. The cute blanket will brighten your office space as a fun, wintery decoration and if you get cold - voila, grab your blanket!

Lighting - Though cheap and easy to use, fluorescent lights can be hard on your eyes, especially when most of your time is spent sitting in a chair, looking at a computer screen. Bring in softer forms of light with interesting lamps and light fixtures. Creative lamps will not only add some interesting decor to the office, but the light that comes out of the lamps will also be better on the eyes.

Family Photos - In moments of high stress or anxiety at work, it's important to stay grounded and remember that there is life outside of the office. Whether it's a picture of our family, friends, or your favorite pet, keep a few pictures on your desk that will calm you down in moments of stress.


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